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Is it tomorrow yet I need to see and read a TR


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;900251]Sorry guys, I woke up not feeling too well!

It was all those Jersey folks at WDW (It was JERSEY WEEK) hacking away with their colds!! :laugh:

I promise I will start this soon . . . :heart:[/QUOTE]

Im from Jersey and Im sick today too:laugh: Cant wait to see your pics and read your report


Feel better soon!! Can’t wait to read all about the trip!


Get well soon!!!


I want you to feel better!


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;900251]Sorry guys, I woke up not feeling too well!

It was all those Jersey folks at WDW (It was JERSEY WEEK) hacking away with their colds!! :laugh:

I promise I will start this soon . . . :heart:[/QUOTE]

This week is Jersey week Mamma, that’s why I have off today, tomorrow, & Monday! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!


Well EVERONE we met there was from JERSEY!!

Schools were closed Tuesday for polling and then Thursday Friday so I think a lot of parents took advantage of the three days off and pulled the kids for the Monday, Wednesday! This is what some Jersey folks told us while we were in line and waiting for parades.

I have to start this . . . I’m sorry I did and then had to stop . . . I need to relive my trip!! :laugh::laugh: Hopefully tonight . . .

Enjoy your looooong weekend! :heart:


Thanks!! You are all too sweet … . I’m better today, but work is getting in the way! :glare: I’ll start tonight!


WELCOME BACK! I hope you feel better…and quickly! I can’t wait to hear about your trip! And to find out for sure if it was, in fact, Johnny Depp!!! :wub:


OK - let’s get this started!!

Our trip was from October 31-November 3 We had FOUR MAGICAL days at WDW . . . and boy did we need it! The girls and I :heart: Disney, it’s our happy place! We are lucky to be able to visit often, but with the economy the way it is . . . we haven’t been going as often this year. :closedeye

We had lots of exciting things planned! First up with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party! :wub: This has become a tradition for us, and was our 4th year. And it did NOT disappoint!! :wub:

IMHO - I think this is the BEST hard ticket event Disney does. Characters in costumes, AWESOME fireworks/castle shows, a parade that will impress and FREE FREE FREE candy . . . all you can eat until you are sick! :blow: :laugh::laugh::laugh:

We also had plans to me Val and her DD, they are super nice, and it felt like we’ve know each other FOREVER. We had fun hanging out with them! :heart: (lucky duckies are still there . . . watching Wishes as I type this! How do I know? Val just sent me a text!) :glare: :laugh:


We had a passholder rate at ASM! The room was freshly decorated with pillow top mattresses (very comfy!) We were in the Broadway Section room 6307 . . . it was a five minute walk to the food court, and close to a quiet pool! Great section to be in.

We do drive to the parks, so we never have issues with buses and for $59/night it’s a place that can’t be beat!! :heart:

Here are some pictures:

The lobby was all festive with Halloween balloons. The orange ones in the background were “Make your own Balloonkin”
You could draw a face on it with a marker.

Grandma and Grandpa joined us for this trip!

Cute Mickey Pumpkin!

Our towel animal was a PUMPKIN! Too cute!

I love Disney and their cute touches to welcome you! :wub:


After checking out the room and unpacking, the girls got ready for trick or treating! Lot’s of people had put up Halloween posters on their doors and lights in their windows . . . it was super festive!

We were in the Broadway Section. Really cute with large top hats and canes!

DD4 was a CHEETAH cat (like Cheetah girls! :laugh:)

DD8 was a Spider Witch

At the TTC ready to board the monorail!

YES! We are finally here . . . can’t wait!!


How CUTE are your girls!!!:wub:


Great pics Jen!!! I cant wait to read and see more!!!


Your pictures are so fabulous! Really, really terrific, expecially of the girls.


Yay, she has started. The girl’s costumes are too cute. Keep going, don’t stop!


OK a few more before I take DD4 to school . . . then I’ll finish up this weekend!

So we are all super excited to get to MK and for MNSSHP! We arrived at the park around 4:30, and it was still busy with the day crowd. Val texted me they were eating at CP so we decided to meet up when the party started!

We headed down Main Street and took some pictures of the BEAUTIFUL decorations . . . lots of people were dressed in costumes. When we got to the bottom of Main Street, we caught the last Castle show of the day.

It AMAZES me how cool it is that the characters eyes blink and their mouths move . . . just AWESOME! :heart:


Grandpa and DD8 (It’s her birthday today so she is 9!!!)

Awesome decorations!

Not sure if you can tell by the picture, but the whole Mickey head was made up of pumpkins and gourds. Very Cool!


YES! We are on Main Street (I could’ve kissed the ground!) :laugh:


We were so happy to be back! We really missed WDW and MNSSHP is our favorite party! :heart:

A few more of Main Street!

Ahhhh the castle!! :heart::heart:

Hi Mickey and Minnie . . . we missed you! :wub:


Great start!!

The girls are so cute…I bet it was a blast…

Can’t wait to