Mickeysgirlz "Fabulous Mother's Day Weekend at WDW" TR


[B]Mother’s Day Weekend 2009[/B]



:pirate: Pirate Room at CBR (Awesome!):pirate:

I’ll start posting pictures tonight!
As most of the new TRs have pointed out, it was HOT! HOT! HOT!
High 90s each day. (last year was high 70s)
I thought the crowd level was high for this time of year.

We visited Epcot for the Flower and Garden Show! :wub: and MK.

We dined at WGP, France and Boma

AND we got to meet this little fella! (TOO CUTE:heart:)

Much more to come later . . . :happy:


Aw, another tr to read. I so need a disney fix, I can never get enough tr’s. Looking forward to more tonight.


Were you as hot as we were? Can’t wait to read your TR. Hope you had a good time.


Yessssssss! It was HOT, yikes! :eek:


Can’t wait to read all about it! It was definitely a bit on the warm side!


Welcome back Jen! Can’t wait to read all about your awesome trip. Do you know how long Remy will be around?


Yay! I am loving all these TR’s that are popping up lately!


Can’t wait for your TR!! We could have been at the same place/same time and never knew it!! LOL And it was SUPER hot!!!


Patiently waiting to read and see more!


Not sure! But I know he is only there during the lunch hours. Until 3pm. Adorable, he sings, he dances, he squeaks . . . very cute!!


We were in Epcot on Saturday and MK on Sunday . . . I know originally our schedules weren’t meshing . . . and my Mom was dying in the heat, so we kept leaving her in A/C. I kept meaning to text you to say HI! We’ll have to meet up next time . . . it’s much easier when it’s just me and the girls. :blush:


Oh boy! Can’t wait to read all about it. :slight_smile:


OK. I have 5 minutes, so I’ll start! :happy:

The road trip up was fast and simple! We were excited, since this was the first time we have ever stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort and to top it off we had a PREFERRED :glare: Pirate Room! :pirate:

We arrived around 3pm, so check in was fast and the room was ready. The CM points to the map at the room location. I do this :eek: I thought it was a preferred room? I was told it is, since it’s Pirate themed!

When I pay an UP-CHARGE I expect more then theming, I want location, location, location!:laugh::laugh: this room was a good 15 minute walk from the main pool/food/shop!

Anyway, the room did NOT DISAPPOINT!! If you are a pirate fan you will LOVE THIS ROOM!! :pirate:


:pirate:NOW FOR SOME PICTURES!!:pirate: [CENTER]



DD5 LOVED that the fridge was in the barrel! :laugh:


At least we had a pretty view! But seriously, we were the last building on the property! :laugh:


Since we had ressies at WGP in DTD at 7:30pm, we decided to take a little walk around the property and go check out the pool.


I know your feeling, because we were in the last building and the last room. I walk for sure.


:heart:MY REVIEW:

If you are a pirate fan, these rooms are a MUST DO!! :pirate: Very cool!

Not sure it’s worth the “preferred price” since it is FAR from a preferred location. But the theming is fantastic! :pirate:

The beds were fabulous! Pillow Top and delightful to sleep on.

The resort grounds are beautiful, maybe in need of a slight upgrade, but the POOL . . . WOW beautiful!! :heart::heart::heart: Nice outside pool bar/eating area too. We noticed they had fine wires strung over the eating area, so there would be NO BIRDS! (Nice touch!)

After the kids dipped their feet in the pool, played in the arcade and Dad and I had a cocktail . . . it was back to the room to get ready for our ADR at WGP! YUMMY! :happy:


Yes it was very hot that week (and the week before). Lovin the TR so far!