Mickeysgirlz Mom's and Daughters Weekend Trip


Aug 24-26, 2007

Myself, DD7 Annabel, and DD3 Rebecca

My friend Kerri, her DD7 Hailee, and DD3 Carlee (Carlee’s birthday!)

We leave Palm Beach County about 2:30 with the hopes of arriving at 5pm . . . but NO . . . the further we got up the turnpike the darker and more cloudy it got! YIKES! Looks like rain!! (man was I glad we DIDN’T get the P&P party tickets)

Our original plan was to drive right to Epcot, hit some of the rides, then head to our ADR at Akershus (6:55pm) for Carlee’s Princess Birthday Dinner! :happy:

INSTEAD, due to torrential down pour, we checked into the hotel, traded some pins, and headed to EPCOT at the last possible moment! :glare:

Lucky for us, the rain had driven EVERYONE away . . . we parked two rows from the entrance gates, put on our rain gear and ran for the restaurant!!

Thus begins our weekend . . . :confused:


This is a picture of all the Pirate hats and crowns behind the counter . . . they were even making balloon swords for the kids! I FELT SO BAD FOR ANYONE WHO HAD TICKETS TO THE P&P PARTY!! It was pouring! I asked a CM if they would cancel the event or reschedule and he said he didn’t think so it was rain or shine!!

BTW, we were staying at ASM! I like this value, and it has just been totally refurbished, so it’s freshly painted and new looking!


At check in, we told the CM that we were there to celebrate Carlee’s Birthday, so she gave Carlee her pin and then gave each of the girls balloons! She then asked Carlee who her favorite Princess was . . . her reply was Ariel, so of course the next day there were balloons and a signed card from Ariel . . . Disney does it right! :wub:


We head off to EPCOT and it is still raining cats and dogs. We get to the restaurant, and are told a 5 minute wait. OK so we are now soaked and standing in a Air Conditioned waiting area . . . brrr! The kids are excited about seeing the Princesses.

I have to admit I was excited too . . . last time we were here for breakfast for my DD7’s 5th birthday, we had a fabulous time!!

We are called “The Royal Newton Family” and then asked to line up to have our picture taken with Belle . . . yikes, she’s aged since the last time I saw her!?!? (Dana is right, the face characters are NOT as good as they used to be)

The girls and Belle


This is a short and sweet one, cuz it was only a weekend trip! :blush:


yeah, ummm, I second that notion. Smart peeps. :laugh:


:laugh: YUP! This was my SECOND attempt at the P&PP and still have yet to really experience it. Pouring rain both times. :pinch: I’m cured I tell ya, cursed. :glare:


A couple more of Belle with the girls . . .

This is of course the “Professional” photo package they bring to your table and try to sell you for $29.95 . . . which would have been great had we had time to change and weren’t all drown RATS!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


OH, so that was the weekend you were there!! Wow, well I have to say, you did get FANTASTIC photos even though it was raining . . . I LOVE your TR it is GREAT!

Maybe next time wait and pay the extra 10 bucks and buy them the day of?


Your girls are adorable!! Much prettier than Belle :eek:

And yes, we were the poor souls in the pouring rain in tiaras and princess sashes :pinch: I too am cursed. Two PPP and the score reads:

Rain = 2 Jen = 0

Oh well, here’s to hoping for no rain on Feb. 2nd 2008!!!


Well let me do the rating next, and then I will share some more Princesses with you all!

Service C-

I say this because:

  1. We told countless CMs that is was Carlee’s birthday and we got NOTHING . . . no Happy Birthday from the Princesses, no confetti on the table, NO CUPCAKE!! NOTHING!

  2. It’s a plated meal YES, with an all you can eat appetizer buffet, but our server after taking our order . . . just disappeared! So we weren’t asked if we like anything, we weren’t given drink refills and the table was covered in plates!

  3. AND THE PRINCESSES-WHY YOU PAY SO MUCH DARN MONEY FOR THIS PLACE: The Princesses stopped by the table, one quick hello, sign the book, picture, GOOD BYE! And, we got Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella and ALICE?? Since when did Alice become a Princess? Anyone? Jeez . . . I felt slighted!


Well, we’ll be out of the rainy season by then . . . just gotta hope for no SNOW on your end holding you up at NEWARK airport . . . right? :laugh:

PS. We went March 2 of this year . . . the weather was FANTASTIC and the event wasn’t even sold out . . . so it was AWESOME!!


Akershus Royal Banquet Hall food rating:

Well, cuz I don’t eat fish of any kind, I’ll say C+

The menu had very strange things on it . . . Kerrie and I wanted to order off the kids menu!! :laugh: At least that was pizza, pasta, grilled chicken and veg!!

Being it was Norway, there was a lot of fish, lamb, and VENISON on the menu and on the buffet.

Honestly, for the price . . . I don’t think it is worth it. 'Specially now you can see and have your photos taken with the Princesses it practically every park, on any given day!

The food was gross! :blow: So bad I don’t even remember what I had. :blow:

It could also be that we were tired from the drive, wet from the rain and a “little” cranky . . . BUT I was expecting so much more from this evening.

I am ALMOST on the band wagon of people feeling like Disney is starting to “milk” them for these events. OK, I had one drink (best part of the whole dinner) and for one adult, two kids . . . $84! (drink was $9.50) That is a lot of cha-ching to only see the Princesses for a glancing moment!! Don’t ya think? :confused:


So here is my drink: I believe it was called a “Glowing Blue Tink-ini” It had this really cool blinking blue ice cube floating in it. IT WAS YUMMY and helped to relieve a little of the stress I was feeling!! (Type A, evening doesn’t go as planned -STRESS) :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

That’s Bec . . . she put dibs on the cube!! :laugh:


OK . . . here comes the Princesses and ALICE (AGAIN, I do not believe she was there!)

PS. I know Dana is going to love these when she returns! :laugh: :laugh:

My DD3 Rebecca

Aurora was the nicest of them all!

My DD7 Annabel



I like lingonberry and all but that’s about it, and I can get that from a jar at Ikea. :laugh: :laugh:


ALICE!!! And I will say it again . . . when did she become a PRINCESS?? OK, I’ll let it go now! :blush:

This Alice was SO LOUD with her “fake” English accent . . . even Annabel was like “Tone it down sister!” :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Annabel and her BFF Hailee (Carlee’s sister)


Umm, ok. No offense to these lovely young women & no offense to Disney casting but they need to keep their day jobs. I call these the “midnight shift” princesses.

PS: of course Aurora was, 'cause she’s the best princess ever!


ME TOO!! Boo-hoo NO Ikeas in FL that I know of . . . I always visit at Xmas when I’m in Jersey!! :heart:


Cinderella was exciting to see . . . we don’t get to see her much! Bec thought her dress was BEAUTIFUL!