Mickeysgirlz "Super Mini (just the hightlights)" TR!


Now that Wishy has completed her [B]AMAZING[/B] trip report, I thought I would throw a few pics on here, since we had a few new experiences on this trip.


We stayed at AKL, AMAZING!! We are now totally in love :heart: and will stay there in the future soon!

Grandma & Grandpa

My Mom and Dad stayed at Beach Club (My Mom’s fav) They arrived 2 days before us and left the day after we arrived.


We arrived at AKL!! We are in awe!! At check in I told the CM that I wanted a view “like the commercial” and that is what we got! :wub:






DD9 & 10?!?!! Did bec’s just grow up a bit this week? :laugh::laugh:


rats, you caught me!! :laugh::laugh: I keep forgetting Bel is 10 and it throws me!! :laugh::laugh:


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;1010126]At check in I told the CM that I wanted a view “like the commercial” and that is what we got! :wub:

OMG, I loooove that you told them that! :happy: AND, they delivered! AKL is absolutely gorgeous & I am glad you fell in love with it.



Since the weather was “frightful” the first two days we were there, rainy, cold and windy. Brrrrr! Disney was doing it’s part to keep guests happy and entertained! (this is why we love Disney!:heart:)

We walked from our room to the lobby and WHAT? Chip and Dale were hanging in the lobby doing photo opts by the big tree! :happy:

Even the CMs were so excited “There were characters in the lobby!” :laugh:


I’ve never been in one of those bunk bed rooms, what is space like in there?


I fell in love the first time you invited us there. It’s just so warm and homey. I swear the girls would have been happy just sitting on the balcony all day watching the animals. We didn’t even have to go to the parks. :laugh:


Decent! The bunk takes up the space of the second bed. I’d say we had about as much “living” space as you did in the studio. Compared to my parents room at BC, this room was small. The BC rooms are 2.5x the size.


After settling in, we left to pick up Mom & Dad at BC. My Dad wanted to see the Lights. Sadly, the weather WAS NOT good! :frown: Still the park was PACKED!! Compared to last year the holiday crowds were much bigger. (IMHO)

Anyway . . . we ate at ABC, they changed the menu, it was OK. The hot chocolate was yummy! We then headed over to the lights. Sadly :frown: they were not dancing and NO “snow”! We were told that since they changed to LEDs this year, they were experiencing shorts when the lights would dance. (They blamed the rain) Dad still got the idea, but I told him he HAS to come back next year and see them in ALL their glory!! :laugh:

We left the park and headed back to BC. Dad had requested the corner room where you can see the Epcot fireworks and that is what he got!

Yummy Gingerbread!

The carpets! :heart: Disney Details!

Grandma treated the girls to yummy Gingerbread Men!


Epcot fireworks from the BC Balcony of my parents room. (pictures aren’t great, but you get the idea of how close we were!) It was Awesome! :happy:

(The CM told my Dad, when the room isn’t taken all the CMs cram out on the balcony to watch the works. The balcony was EXTRA long, it went down the whole side of the building!)


Next day we had breakfast at BOMA!! Much better experience then when we went at Mother’s Day. We really enjoyed it. Mom and Dad then came back to our room to check out the animals. They liked it too!

We then headed over to AK. Dad wanted to see Holiday Parade. It was damp and drizzly again. I was hoping it would clear up in time for MVMCP, since we had tickets that night.

We saw some great characters this trip:

We met THUMPER!!! This was a NEW one for us, and the girls were super excited!! He even did a little “thumping” for us when we left. He was so cute!



That is SO awesome!!! What a great view!!! :ohmy:


We watched the parade and said farewell to Mom and Dad. They are seasonal passholders, so their passes blacked out the next day. The parade was at 4pm so the girls and I were hungry. I decided we’d eat at the park and then head to the room get changed and go to MVMCP. (Thanks Brandon for hooking us up with the tickets! :heart:)

We went to Pizzafari, DD10 wanted pizza! While there it started RAINING! AGAIN!! (I don’t know what the deal is? It doesn’t rain in Dec in FL normally?) So we were enjoying our lunch when these two appeared. Turned our CS meal into a CHARACTER MEAL! :laugh::laugh:



You definately did have a lot of awesome character sightings this trip!


We headed back to AK to get changed. Luckily the weather was clearing up a bit. We enjoyed MVMCP, but I do like MNSSHP a lot better. :wub:

There are plenty of TRs around with WONDERFUL pictures of the parade and fireworks. I just want to share one. (I thought it wasn’t bad for my little point and shoot!) :laugh::laugh:

About 10:30pm DD5 was so sleepy, and Bel and I were cold, wet and tired so we beat the crowds and headed back to our resort. We grabbed burgers and zebra domes for a late night snack. YUMMY!! :wub: (you get 6 mini ones as your CS dessert)


Thumper and a PERSONAL meet and greet with Mickey!!! It was AWESOME!! :heart:


Next day was PARTY DAY!!! So we all slept in. I have to say, the drapes at AK are AWESOME!! They don’t let in a peep of light. It was 10am when we woke up, and we thought it was still dark out! :laugh::laugh:

Since I knew tonight was going to be a SUPER EXCITING night, I told the girls there are plenty of fun things to do at the resort so we weren’t going to any parks today. I had noticed in my welcome package there was a LIST of all kinds of activities for the kids. There are even things you can do to earn beads to wear as a badge.

We decided to do the “decorate your own cookie” at Boma and then “make your own ornament” out of Ostrich shells in the lobby.


The shells were all crunched up and dyed. They had metallic pens and glitter glue too.



The cookie project was FREE, but the ornaments were a $5 donation to help with the Disney Wildlife Conservation.


Those turned out SOOOO awesome! AKL really has GREAT activities for everyone.