Mickeysgirlz "The Nick Hotel with a Sprinkle of Disney" TR


[B]We’re Back! And WOW what a weekend![/B]

My DF and her DD8 & DD4

PLUS our Brownie troop and their families

Our GS Troop [B]SOLD[/B] enough cookies to take a weekend trip to
[B]The Nick Hotel in Orlando[/B]!

We did a build-a-buddy event, We got SLIMED, and had a beach party bash with Spongebob and Patrick!

OF COURSE being ONE MILE from Disney,
you KNOW I couldn’t resist a visit! :blush:
So this will be a Nick/Disney TR! :heart:


Friday we left Palm Beach, and were in WDW in NO TIME FLAT*!

We could see the Characters in Flight Balloon from Osceola PKWY!

Yay! My happy place! :wub:

This was around 3pm! Not too crowded!

Love the new decorations on the monorail!

Almost there!

*Flat will come into play on the way home too! :pinch:


We spent the afternoon/evening at Magic Kingdom. We were with friends that hadn’t see a lot of the new attractions.

A beautiful day at MK!

There were lots of people, but the longest we waited was 10 minutes!

Cute “Celebrate You” decorations!


I only took a few pictures . . . but we did most of the rides.

I haven’t been on this in YEARS . . . and it was so FUN!! :happy:


[CENTER]Then it was time for Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it!
I :heart::heart::heart: this new “parade”!

It’s GREAT because once the floats stop, you can dance and interact with the characters.[/CENTER]












Once the show was over, we headed to Cosmic Rays for some dinner! Man was I bummed not to be on the DDP! :pinch: But we had a good meal with entertainment of course! :laugh:


Or plan included taking the boat to Ft. Wilderness to meet Chip and Dale! They are my DF’s DD4’s FAVORITE . . . and since we couldn’t get ressies at GG, I thought this would be just as fun! And it was . . . :happy:

DD9 spotted this “hidden Mickey” on our way out of Cosmic Rays.
It was a tree that had a branch cut, not sure if it was intended or not?

On the boat to Ft. Wilderness

For all you BLT owners . . . Home Sweet Home! Looking good!

Pretty sunset!


Beautiful Photography!!! Nicely done.


Thanks! The blurry ones are from my blackberry camera! :heart:


The Chip and Dale campfire is SO FUN and FREE! The girls had a blast! :happy:
We brought our OWN s’mores kits this time (WDW charges $12!)


It was about 9pm when we left the campfire, so we decided we should go and check into the Nick Hotel! (the kids had been up since 6am and had school, so they were BEAT!)

The lobby!

We were put in a Jimmy Neutron room! Bunk beds for the kid, nintendo and a TV!

Parents room had a king size bed


The bathroom-There was only ONE for 6 people!

This couch pulled out to a full bed

The kitchen area: microwave, fridge, coffeemaker, sink

Flat screen TV


My review:

The Nick Hotel was a fun place to stay. The room was big enough for a family of 4 (six was tight) there was plenty to do on site, but a lot of it you had to pay extra for. There was a food court with subway and pizza hut. Also two sit down dining areas (kids under 5 ate free!)

The pool was huge, with a great slide BUT it was PACKED. So it was a little unnerving when you have small kids . . . since they could easily get lost!

The life guards were there, but they were NOT like Disney guards, who keep moving around the pool and are very focused on their jobs!

There were also a few mix ups with check in and dining . . . but again I was dealing with a party of 30! So, it’s to be expected I guess.

For the price ($163/night) if you are going to Disney, I would get a suite on property (The Nick Hotel is about a 10 minute drive from MK, really close).

This place was FUN, but once I used the pool, met Spongebob and got slimed . . . I was ready to check out! :laugh::laugh:

It really made me appreciate how well Disney takes care of it’s guests! :happy:


[CENTER]Here is a photo of the pool and slide BEFORE it opened!

We were off to MK again the next morning . . . we didn’t have to be back to meet the GS troop until 3pm![/CENTER]


Main Street was a little busier on Saturday! Wait time for rides was about the same though!

singing “I’m walking right down the middle of Main Street USAAAAaaaaaAAAAA”

Off to see Mickey!

We were SURPRISED when Minnie was there too!


Then we went to Pixie Hollow!


DD5 ended the day with a “Yummy” (it was gross :blow:) cupcake from the bakery! :laugh::laugh:

We did a lot of the rides, shows, etc . . . the weather was great and the crowds low . . .we left around 1pm, since we were getting multiple calls from scout’s families, not sure how to check in etc! :pinch:


Back at the Nick Hotel, the girls changed into their suits and we were off to join the rest of our GS Troop!

We did build-a-buddy (like build-a-bear, but you had stuff it by hand!)