Mickeysgirlz "What a Celebration!" TR




March 7-8, 2009

Blizzard Beach (free day when I upgraded my APs) and Magic Kingdom


Oh hooray, you are going to post a TR!

I loved the pictures you sent, by the way!:flowers:


We’re back! And had a WONDERFUL time! The park was PACKED!!! I mean FULL to the top (well MK anyway, since we didn’t visit the others this time)

I think the 4/3 promotion is really pulling them all in! :mickey:

There were still major sales to be had on all items: Head Gear, 25% off, Jewelry 30% off, Plushes 25% off, etc. The shops were full too though! :smile:

YAY for Disney, they know how to do it even when times are tight! :laugh:

The new celebration promotion is AWESOME! :heart: All the monorails and buses are decorated in balloons. CM are walking around with bags full of pins, asking what you are celebrating and then pinning you! :mickey: And there is just CELEBRATION in the air! :heart:

The new show Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! ROCKED DA HOUSE!!! We :heart: it and thought it was a blast. We love a party where you interact with all your favorite characters (I took a TON of pics to show you all)

I’m working on downloading them all now . . . and emailing myself all the ones I sent via text! I will start posting as soon as I can!


[QUOTE=lovemysons;942078]Oh hooray, you are going to post a TR!

I loved the pictures you sent, by the way!:flowers:[/QUOTE]

SURE! Who doesn’t love reliving their trip . . . even if it’s a short one! :laugh:


so, since I didn’t get phone pictures, will you post some here???


Yep! I’m going to post all the pics - phone and camera! :flowers:


[QUOTE=mickeysgirlz;942087]Yep! I’m going to post all the pics - phone and camera! :flowers:[/QUOTE]Good! get to work, toots :biggrin:


I’m working on it . . . phone is not cooperating! :pinch:


YAY!:heart: Can’t wait to read about your trip and see pictures!


I’ll start this, but will have to finish in the am. (very tired!) :blush:


Back during our December trip I upgraded our seasonal passes to annual passes. At that time, the promotion was FREE ONE DAY WATERPARK passes. Had to be used by 3/31/09.

Soooooo, this is how this trip came about. The weather in FL has been on the chilly side, but I booked this weekend with my fingers crossed. I got a great AP rate at POP and booked us for ONE NIGHT with the CS DDP.

We left Palm Beach around 9am, and pulled into POP around 11:45am. The parking lot was so full, I couldn’t believe my eyes! :huh:

I decided to check in first, since I didn’t want to deal with being water logged from Blizzard Beach and checking in. I had already check in online, so I figured the process would be a 1, 2, 3!


The lines in the lobby were looooooooooooong, but the ONLINE CHECK IN line was SHORT! YAY!! So I hop on this line and wait about 5 minutes.

What I did notice during that wait, is there were cast members with rolling laptop going down the line and asking all the guests what they needed help with. MAN it sure did speed things up! :smile:

So, I get to the counter and show them my printout. The CM pulls up my info, does an “OH?” and picks up the phone . . . :huh::pinch:

Now if you all remember this has happened to me once before (re “What do you mean you can’t find my reservation!” TR) So I start to sweat!

The CM hangs up and says “GOOD NEWS! We are upgrading you to Old Key West!”

I say, “Wait, what? I’m staying one night and you want to upgrade me?”

She says “What, you don’t want too?” :laugh:

I say “Not really, we want to check in, change and hit Blizzard Beach!”

She says “OK! Instead I’ll put you in a preferred room, would that work?”


So, while she is making the change, we start to chit chat a bit about WHY they would UPGRADE me when I am staying one night? She though it was because of the 4/3 promotion, and that the values are almost sold out during the time, and since I was staying one night I was messing up the system. :laugh:

She also pointed behind her to a BIG STACK of YELLOW ENVELOPES.

She said, “See those? All $200 GC!” :smile:


So all checked in, we head to our PREFERRED ROOM. We were in the Baloo section on the 4th floor. GREAT LOCATION, if you don’t drive! :pinch: The problem with preferred rooms, is they are tucked behind the main hall, no easy access to any of the parking lots! :laugh:

YAY POP! I haven’t stayed here in awhile . . . it was really nice!


So we open the door to the room and we are greeted by this.

We were the resort “FAMILY of the DAY!” :smile: We had no idea what it meant, but we got this cool certificate and a magnet for the fridge! (later we would find out more)


We quickly changed into our suits, sprayed on the sunscreen and were back out the door and on our way to Blizzard Beach!! :mickey:

I haven’t been to the waterparks in years. Last time was TL and that was 14 years ago! :laugh: My DDs were SUPER excited they couldn’t wait!

On the way we saw a bus, all decked out in CELEBRATION balloons!


So it was about 82 degrees and sunny with a breeze when we pulled into the lot, which was about half full! YET, the amount of people in the actual waterpark was WOW! I can’t even imagine it on a HOT SUMMER DAY!

We snapped some pics, but then the phone/camera went in the locker.

WE HAD A BLAST! :heart: Blizzard beach was a lot of fun, and we’ll be going again I’m sure! :smile:


DD5 is making a funny face in this picture! :laugh: But I wanted to show you the FAMOUS SNOWBALL slushie! YUM!

We were at BB from 1-5pm, and then we headed back to the room to shower and rest. WDW had changed the hours of MK from closing at 8pm to 10pm, and the girls wanted to go.

I was shocked that after being at BB for most of the day they had the energy . . . but go we did . . . I’ll post more pictures in the am!

NIGHT!! :flowers:


Yea! I’m so happy you are doing a TR!! Loved the pics!!


This is a great start!!! I am dying to know more about the Family of The Day! Your girls look adorable with the snowmen!


Your girls are so cute, and what a great start to your trip! I can’t wait to read more.


Great start to your TR and your girls are so cute and look like they had a blast at BB and maybe some day we will go when it’s warm enough to swim as we tend to go in December and January


Yeah a TR! Your girls are quite the posers, aren’t they?:laugh: