Mickeysgirlz "What do you mean you can't find my reservation?" TR


Friday, March 29 - Sunday, March 30, 2008

As some of you may know I originally planned on heading up to WDW for Easter weekend . . . silly me . . . seasonal passholders SO date is blacked out up until March 28th!

OF COURSE, I called and rebooked, for the following weekend . . . I was sent the email confirmation, which I checked, BUT DID NOT PRINT (never do this folks! :glare:) for the first time ever . . . I always do, and I’m always told . . . “All we need is your ID to check in!”

So, Friday morning kids have no school so we sleep in (8am) and get ready, take the Dog to the “Doggie Hotel” and were on the road by 11am!

2 hours 5 minutes and we are pulling into the All Star Sports Parking lot! Yipee we are here . . . but VERY early!

We park the car and head into the Lobby . . . it’s not TOO busy, but the girls want to trade pins so we head over to the gift shop! We trade some pins and check out the new Hannah Montana and HSM Jibbizts for the crocs . . . cool!

About 2pm I say . . . lets go see if we can check in . . . we can’t go to the parks, but the plan was to check in and relax by the pool! (what’s that sayin’ about a well made plan . . . hmmmmmmmm :blush: )


So I stand in line . . . while the kids watch a Pluto cartoon on the tv in the lobby. The line is short and I’m called in about 5 minutes.

“Welcome to All Star can I help you?” “I’m here to check in, here’s my ID!”

So she punches her thing into the computer and looks at me and says “UM, could it be under another name?” :eek: :eek: :eek: “What? UM! NO!”

So she checks AGAIN . . . “Sorry, I don’t have a reservation for you!?” “WHAT?!?!?!?!” So I launch in to my story about the seasonal passes, blah, blah . . . she calls over a manager . . . “Don’t worry, he’ll figure it out!”

So another 10 minutes goes by . . . tick tock tick tock . . . I say . . . “You know I have my laptop in the car, and the reservation is in my inbox, why don’t I go get it and tell you the number?”

So I run out to the car, get my laptop . . . back to the lobby.

The manager is waiting for me . . . he informs me “I found you, but the reservation was for last weekend, and we are working at negative capacity, so there is no room for you . . . sorry!”

“WHAT??? WAIT??? I checked the reservation this morning it’s there!!!”

So I whip open the laptop and pull up the email . . . of course there is NO WIRELESS INTERNET IN THE LOBBY . . . so I can’t click the link to prove to them I am not crazy!!!

Again, (Mr. Manager) “Sorry, there is nothing I can do!” “There are NO ROOMS available, all the values are booked!”

So now I am :angry: :ohmy: :blink: :blow: and the girls are saying “What’s wrong Mommy, do we have to go home?”


Oh wow…I think I may have went ballistic


So we are dying to know more! good tip to everyone…bring your conformation!


I have my fingers crossed that everything turned out ok…
what happend next???


Yikes. Not a very magical start. I certainly hope things turn around in chapter II!


Can you believe the final thing he said to me was, “If you can produce the reservation, I might be able to help!”

I was fuming . . . :mad: So I walk away and around the corner . . . the girls are getting upset too . . . then I had an idea. I dialed 407-W-Disney . . . go back to the source from where I MADE the reservation.

So I explain the WHOLE DARN STORY AGAIN and I am told to hold on . . . I am then connected to a supervisor named MARSHA (YAY FOR HER!) She informs me that they were having MAJOR computer issues, and that reservations were being made, but when they clicked enter, it wasn’t registering!!

She could see that I called in an altered my reservation . . . she just had to get to the bottom of it . . .she asked me to hold and told me it could be awhile!

20 minutes later . . . she comes back! “I’ve found the problem and I have good news . . . we are moving you over to CSR . . . you did make the change, and you do have a reservation, same rate better hotel” WOW! Now that is the Disney Hospitality I am USED TOO!!!

She also told me that the manager could have done the same thing I did and should have offered too . . . she was going to write to inquire with the “front-end” team at the Sports to see why I was treated in such a matter and just turned away!

I mean COME ON NOW . . . I drove 2.5 hours . . . what about the folks that fly 2.5+ hours . . . to be told “Sorry, no rooms, can’t help you” was so upsetting and unhelpful and SO UNDISNEY LIKE!

But with a little Faith, Trust And Pixiedust . . . we got our Happy Ending!


What a scary situation! I would have been freaking out at this point!!:eek:


Oh, thank goodness!! I’m so glad it worked out!! Can’t wait to hear the rest of your TR.


wow… you’re right, I would have been sooo upset too. Glad it worked out, for the better! and glad for a great CM who cared


YES! YES! YES! Print it! PACK IT! Make copies of it!!

I always bring mine ALWAYS, I even checked it before I left . . . but BECAUSE the last 5x I’ve been I’ve only been told . . . “We only need your ID” I didn’t print it and bring it this time . . . big mistake! :glare:

I will NEVER Make that MISTAKE again . . . NEVER!


Yes, well I was ON THE EDGE!!! Trust me . . . but I try and control the temper around the girls . . . them watching me throttle a DISNEY CM wouldn’t have been a good lesson!! :blush: :laugh: :laugh:

(PS. Your Avatar makes me very :closedeye sad for you!)


OK . . . so that’s the START of the weekend . . . which turned out to BE JUST AWESOME!!!

I have to resize the pics . . . but I wanted to get it started so it motivates me!!

Some of our highlights:

  1. Being upgraded to CSR (Beautiful, Awesome Pool, Perfect for our relaxing getaway!)

  2. Meeting DeVine . . . she is SUPER COOL and I got GREAT pics!

  3. BLOCK PARTY BASH! Wow . . . super high energy, super FUN!!

More tomorrow . . . :happy:


Cool… a new TR… glad they were able to get you a room.


So glad that things worked out. Can’t wait to hear more!


WOW that is great… I am so happy that you got upgraded … can’t wait to hear more/


So glad to hear that everything worked out well for you and the girls!


I am so glad everything worked out and yay better resort to boot …


You had me sitting at the edge of my chair there.
Now I cannot wait to read about your awesome trip tapping foot, waiting


I think at first I would get that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, then I would want to get sick, wondering if I had made the mistake. I think you handled it pretty good…My question is if the manager could have looked up all the info for himself and didn’t, what would he have done if you produced a copy of your reservation?