It is my understanding that the deluxe’s dont have microwaves in the room unless you’ve booked a concierge room or staying at a DVC resort, is that right?

If they dont have them in the rooms, do they mind you using the one in the food court to make microwave foods like pop corn? :whistling

I feel silly even asking but I dont want to go ahead and pack it and get reprimanded for making my own pop corn! :blush: :laugh:


No microwaves in the rooms at the polynesian, but you can most defiantely use the one in the fast food place…they do not mind at all. I have seen many guests popping popcorn in the food courts no matter which resort I am staying at.


OH good! :happy: don’t want to get yelled at! lol
DD and I like our late snack of pop corn! :happy:

Thanks D!:happy:


haha… bring your own microwave. That would be pretty funny, seeing it roll bye on a luggage cart. But… it would come in handy. Not only could you pop popcorn, but you could melt chocolate… make smores… heat up hot pockets… easymac… yum, yum!



I pack everything but the kitchen sink! :laugh:


Don’t laugh but my son actually wanted to bring a small microwave with us on our last trip and I seriously though about it but didn’t want to do anything against the rules but I wonder is you can bring a small microwave with you???


You could purchase one when you arrive for around $40 at the local discount store (walmart) and then ship it home. . . wonder how they travel on a plane?

Or, just leave it. If you are there for 7 - 8 days thats only about $5.00 per day.


I’ve DEFINATELY used the microwaves in the quick service areas of different resorts. No need to worry, they definately let you use them. Just stand near them, you don’t want the popcorn to burn & then be responsible for everyone having to evacuate the food area. :pinch:


I’ve never taken a microwave but I have taken a small crockpot and small George Fourman Grill. Makes great sandwiches and soup.


We are arriving on Nov 29, and staying off site. We are staying at a Homewood suites with a partial efficiency. (I work for a Hotel company and can get Hilton employee discounts, otherwise it would only be the mouse for me)

Our Efficiency has burner, microwave, dishwasher, fridge, sink. but no Oven. Our home Microwave is one of those Convection oven/broiler/microwave ovens. as we are driving the family truckster on this vacation, I will be packing our microwave so we can bake tots, grill chicken breasts, bake small hams. My wife thinks I’m nutz, but we can cut our food budget roughly in half if we do this. If we were staying at a disney resort, i think i would still take it!

Noahsark… The crockpot is a good idea, think i might do that one too!


There are no microwave ovens in ANY concierge rooms at WDW.


There were microwaves at SSR but not at AKL.


oy vay…i could say something snarky about casseroles here but I’ll contain myself. it’s been that sort of day!


Were you in an AKL villa or a regular guest room? Remember, SSR is exclusively a DVC resort, AKL isn’t and is still finishing out it’s DVC rooms.


Yes, and the whole cooking in the room phenomenon in general. But, yes, we won’t comment.

Can/should I change my screen name to “Snarky”? Can I transfer my post count if I do?


Only if I can change mine to Snarkythe2nd:laugh:

Now, back to mircrowaves before I have to edit myself out of this thread for threadjacking.:laugh: :laugh:


Have you ever microwaved snark? Or is snark better prepared in a crock pot?
Do you have any recipes for snark? I hear it tastes just like chicken and is very filling after a day in the parks.
(Feel better?)


OMG…not the cooking in the rooms again? Groan


I go on vacation to be waited on, I refuse to cook anything on Vacation!!!
A little snack in the microwave is something totally different!!!
that’s the Iam in my jammies and too lazy to get something to eat out mode! :laugh:


Here’s a wonderful alternative to even worrying where you’re going to put the microwave and plug it in.
Stop at Publix and buy a pound or so of cold cuts and sliced cheese, some mayo/Miracle Whip (don’t start, I like it) and mustard and a loaf of “air” bread. Your room has a refrigerator already. A quick Boar’s Head ham sandwich should do for that midnight snack and it’s less hassle than lugging a microwave from home.
That and some bags of chips and popcorn.