Mid april vs. mid sept


So right now we have ressies for mid april. But just being down at in sept, it was hot, but the crowds were good. April is still considered spring break time. Based on temp and crowds, which would you choose? I know sept is high hurricane, but usually we go for 8 to 10 days, so if we lose a day or so, it wouldn’t be bad. And it would be just DH and I. No kids bouncing off the walls being trapped in a room for 24 hrs. Which would you choose?


No Kids… possiblity of being locked in the room is a hurricane hits… a little reading… a little whatever… I vote September :laugh: .

It’s actually on my wish list to take a September trip, just DH & me. WDW seems to have hurricane response done pat so we wouldn’t worry about that. Weather should be great, crowds even better. This will likely be the last year we have to schedule around the kids school year so we’re getting there.


I have found WDW to have high crowds during April which can be really tough on small kids – too long of waits - even tough for DH:happy:

However, you bring up a good point about possible hurricanes during Sept. I have never been during mid september, did go once over Labor Day weekend and it was quite nice.

So, this is a tough question.

I guess the unpredictability of the weather might worry me more than the crowds, so I would head mid April and plan accordingly for possible long lines.


[QUOTE=whitba]No Kids… possiblity of being locked in the room is a hurricane hits… a little reading… a little whatever… I vote September :laugh: .

Yeah, right…

My DH would be glued to the weather channel…:laugh: :pinch:

I’d probably be an closet with a blanket over my head.


I believe if you go at the end of April you are ok. Anything past mid April should be ok. September is always a hit or miss. Yes, hurricane season is at that time and the weather is hot,but you know your kids well enough to know if they can handle the heat. September is ok for me but for cooler weather and the ability to stay in the parks eaiser, I would say April( but at the end,3rd or 4th week).


I’m the eternal optimist but your right, my DH would be glued to the screen as well, we’d have to hope the cable went out. We were there the day after the last full fledge hurricane that blew through Orlando. I couldn’t believe how quickly things were cleaned up and open at WDW. The only issue we had was whether the Plane was going to be allowed to land, we slipped in just as they started refusing flights, the storm had passed but there was water coming in all over the airport. :whistling


No kids on this trip. The little girl in my advatar is my DGD. I really should update that picture…


I vote September (even though we were driven out of Key West by a hurricane a few years ago…)!


I went in September and didn’t wait in a line longer than 15 minutes. I have heard horror stories about April tho. SPRING BREAK!!! GEH!!!


september was awesome - we did it this year and last year did 1st week of october! i haven’t been in april, but based on our low attendance alone, i’d vote september. plus, you may get lucky and get free dining again next year!


We will never go down during Spring Break. The crowds can be horrendous! We were there the second week of March a couple years ago and it was already crowded. September is the way to go.


I’d say April, depending on when Easter vacations begin and end. The hurricane thing doesn’t bother me, I live in South Florida. What bothers me most about September is it’s still in the 90s during the day and the 80s at night and the possibility of love bugs, though they do come out in the spring, usually May. If however, it’s a late Easter and Spring Break season, I’d do September which at least is a value season all the time.


we jsut went september 9 to the 16th crowds were not bad surprisingly more busy then we expected . but better then summmer weather was hot. but we would do it again in a second. in fact we are going next september same time.


Go in September. Even if there is a hurricane they aren’t that bad. I have been through several and they aren’t bad. Spring break would be lines and more lines.


We were there from Sept 26 thru Oct 6 and yes, it was hot. And as you said it was busier than expected. I kept saying to my DH, “And this is the slow season”. In order to make use of our AP, we would be going closer to your time span.


April is our choice of time. weather is great.
We have been there in all parts of the year
and IMHO its always crowded to a certain
extent and we have never been around any
massive crowds. Just have a game plan.:happy:


As always Soundgod brings up some great points. I really hate to praise him all the time, but he’s usually full of information.

September is love bug season, and those things get worse and worse every season. Heck, they are still pretty abundant right now in mid-October. They don’t do much, except for being an annoyance.

Value season is also a great point. You’ll get away with some nice discounts on room rates if you’re a Florida resident or an AP holder. If you’re out of state and choose to purchase APs or at least one, you’ll probably save a small fortune on the room.

Bringing weather into account, September is a pretty hot month. It’s hot all the way through November if we don’t get any major cold fronts. But, April can be tricky too. Typically, the weather can be somewhat mild, or it can be hot, hot, hot. In April you’ll usually get cooler nights than you would in September. Daytime highs can be nearly the same. It really depends. As for hurricane season, you never know what you’ll get there either. This year we only had some disturbances that caused a week of rain and that was about it. Last year we didn’t have much either. But go back a few years and hurricanes were every other week as if we bought them in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club!

Now I’d like to factor in crowd level. The end of March through Mid April can be really bad. That’s when Florida Seasonal Passes go on blackout dates. But, the rest of April isn’t exactly low season either. All of September is usually pretty slow. I’d say that is one of the best months to visit the parks, minus the heat.

So, here’s my thoughts… I’d vote opposite of Soundgod and say go in September, if and only if you can take the Florida heat and sun. You can get rain in both months. So, I wouldn’t take that into much consideration. Crowd levels in April are usually high, but they aren’t unbearable either. If it were me, I’d do mid-late September. Also, if you are there on the last weekend in September, you’ll get to do the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot! That is always good times!

Anyway you slice and dice it, you’re going to Disney World and that’s all that matters!


Thanks everybody for the input. I think we have decided for the sept trip. I know it can be hot, (like this yr) and the love bugs can be a pain(like this yr). But we like the lower crowds. My DH and I are no problem (wellllll, almost no problem) getting up early for EMH. After all, the man gets up at 5:15 every morning to go walk 2 miles. That should get us to any morning EMHs.

As far as free dining, we were really thinking about “what if???”"". But we decided we have DVC points to use and the dining plan is changing. It doesn’t make sense to stay at a value, spend 95 ish a night for the room so we can get roughly 115-120 in free food. [that number is based on 2-$30 entrees, 2-$6 desserts, 2-$3 beverages, 2 -$15 CS , and 2-$4 snacks]. Your cost may vary, I based these numbers where we would eat our TS meals. (I know that 20 something dollars a day in free food is nothing to sneeze at, but we already would have the DVC paid for. We would have to rent points out as to not lose them) We did the DDP (not free) this yr for the first time, and between my DH being sick and just feeling full all the time, I don’t think we really use the plan well. We ended up using some CS and snacks, just to use them up as we left for the plane. I think for us, the DDE works almost as well and there is no pressure of “wasting” food credits. And for us, one of the joys of a DVC, is no one has to leave the room for that morning coffee. And if we are lucky, we would get an Epcot resort again. (ahhhhh, the joys of walking home, at least from a few parks.)

So thanks again everyone.:happy:


As long as it in not Spring break time, I would go in April. We went in September/Oct in 2005 and 2006. The lines were great, but as you know it was hot and humid. My vote is non spring break April.


I would go in September! The crowds will be way better and we have never had a hurricane hit us while down there knock on wood! Plus since it is Spring Break there will probably be a younger ruder(sp?) crowd!