Middle May (May 16-21) Crowd?


We are excited!!! :laugh:
Looks like we might get a trip to WDW this May! :mickey:
Both times we went before (2007 and 2009) were in June.
This time it looks like we can go middle May, May 16-21 actually.

So what is the crowds like in the middle of May?



I’ve been a couple times that time of the year and crowds weren’t bad at all. Not as sparse as the fall but certainly significantly better than summer crowds.


We have been around that time in May…loved it. Beautiful weather, lower crowds. This year we are going the week after Memorial Day…a little wary of that week, but couldn’t get there any earlier in May.


We will be there then and it is a great time. We have been at that time before and glad to be going back at the same time. Warm weather,low crowds and great wait times. Y ou not be disappointed. Where will you be staying???


We used to go the week leading up to Memorial day weekend, and it was great! The crowds were always low, barely any wait times, and the weather was perfect!!! I’m hoping that next year we can go that week again!


MouseMom - "Where will you be staying???

Off property this time…
The Fountains on International Drive near Seaworld.
Hope it is a good place to stay.

But like my DW said, “We’re only at the room to sleep. We’ll be in the parks all day! So as long as it’s clean!”

We shall see!



Middle of May is a great time to go, the out of school crowds aren’t there yet and the heat and humidity isn’t oppressive yet although with Florida you can never be sure.


Our trip will overlap with yours. We’ve gone all times of the year. While January had the lowest crowds, on balance, May is our favorite time. Crowds are very manageable, warm enough for the water parks during the day. If it does get really hot during the day, the evening cools off enough to take the edge off. See you in a few weeks :cool: