Midnight Fireworks at MK


So yesterday evening they were filming America’s Funniest Videos at MK. Around midnight we started hearing big booms. Went out onto our patio and were greeted with the most AMAZING fireworks display, it went on for a long time and they were testing all sorts of new shells (or so it looked like to me) there were a lot of them that I had never seen before. While I am sure it annoyed my neighbors, I loved it. :wub: I only wish I had taken my camera out there.


I am so jealous I would have loved that I so wish I could get away to Disney for a weekend


That must have been exciting!


Wow!! Way cool!!!


I kept thinking to myself this is kind of late for wishes, after 5 mins I walk out on my balcony, Hmm looks like the MK but its not wishes, it was a long show proably 10 mins after I went out it was still going on.

Yah I forgot about that filming I was wondering what was going on.


Cool! That would be neat. Out here all we get are coyotes howling at night.


How jealous am I??? :tongue: :heart:


Wow, that is so cool! :cool:


sounds cool! That will be one to watch out for when it’s aired! You’ll get to enjoy it twice! :happy:


Well, that was an awesome surprise! I just love fireworks!


Hey we saw that section in the MK on saturday that was blocked off and saw the signs that said they were going to be tapping this show but we didnt know when. Guess we missed it…


You had to be there for 7pm if you signed up and the taping went till 2 am.