Midway Mania Madness


I am so excited to report that we were able to fit in one more short trip before then end of '08. We extended our time in FL due to DH having an appointment on Mon. 12/15/08, so that meant a few more days to play.

This trip include the usual cast of Characters in the Timkel clan.

Timkelmom, Timkeldad, Timkelkid 1 (DS) and Timkelkid 2 (DD).

I did not take notes or anything, so I will try to remember the events as best I can. Also, I find myself taking less and less pics. I do have plenty to post here, I just get home and realize I didn’t take as many as I thought.

So, sit back, relax, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy.


The first day we actually just went over for the afternoon and I posted a TR about that one.


I thought that was going to be our only visit as we were supposed to leave on Thurs. 12/11. DH had an appointment that would keep us in FL until Mon. 12/15 so, with our job being finished on Tues. we had several days to play.

So, on 12/11 we made our to DHS. Now, we looked a the weather and the forecast was grim. Scattered thunderstorms for most of the day. That didn’t dampen our spirits though. We knew bad weather meant lower crowds, so we grabbed rain gear and prepared for a soggy day with shorter lines.


As the title of this TR indicates, DH and DS are obsessed with Toy Story Midway Mania. My DH is consumed with getting the highest score he can possibly get and he tries each time to unlock thing that afford him higher points.

We got to DHS for opening, a cute little skit about movies. They then corral everyone to DHS. It is a little cramped and crazy, but so worth it. DH got in line to get the FPs, then I got into a line that had formed outside of the attraction to enter the queue. DH joined us before we entered the building and we got in the stand-by line.

So, our first wait was about 10 mins. We love this game, I don’t know why, it is just fun, although it makes my arm hurt. With that under our belt, we waited outside the attraction because our next FP was in 10 mins.

Time had arrived to get more FPs and get in the FP line. This time waited around 15 mins. , return time for next FP 12:45. We all improved our scores, but were determined to do even better.

Now we had some time, so off to see about wait times for TT and RnRC. They were very low 10 mins. for TT and 20 mins. for RnRC. Did I mention is was pouring and the crowds were very low. We didn’t wait in line for anything this day except TSMM.

So, here are the kids waiting to ride along with Aerosmith.

Then, DD and I got in line for TT, DH and DS did not wish to ride this time.

After our fill of thrills, we were starving, but where to eat. With no ADR’s, no free dining, we had to take a chance. DH suggested we stop by Sci-Fi and see if they had any availability. Turns our they did if we wanted to eat right at opening (11:00 a.m.) no problem, we are really hungry.

So we were seated shortly and got a table car.

DD and DH had a burger.

DS had a grilled chicken sandwich.

I had the Reuben.

All the food was pretty good. Although, DH does not like his burger charred and it was a bit over cooked, they did not ask him how he wanted it prepared, just brought it out over cooked.

Our server was really nice and attentive and the rest of our food was yummy. My Reuben was delicious. This was a good place to pay OOP and not use a dining table service credit.


After lunch we shopped a bit because it was pouring. Always time to try on some hats.

It was almost time for our next FPs for TSMM so we slowly made our way back over to the Pixar area.

We got one more FP for 5:45 p.m. This is how I really knew the park was not crowded. Usually by 12:00 or so the FPs are gone for the day, we really lucked out.

On the ride and play again each improving our scores just a bit more. The kids wanted to see Muppet Vision 3-D, great on a rainy afternoon.

Well, as luck would have it, around 3:00 p.m. the rain stopped and the sun came out. You gotta love FL weather. Most of the shows were closed during the rain, so it was nice to see the sun come out. Things began to dry up and we were able to catch a showing of LMA.


I’m so glad you got to get in one last trip before the end of the year. We too were at DHS on the 11th and got wet in the rain that morning. Since we had the Fantasmic dinner package at Mama Melrose, I too was glad that the weather cleared up.


Wow, too bad I didn’t know you were there. I would love to have met up with you. Hope you had a great time.


That would have been nice. If you’re travels ever bring you to Michigan you’ll have to let me know.


Will do. We passed through Michigan briefly this summer on our way from Canada to Illinois, but we only stopped for one night. We definitely want to visit the state and explore more thoroughly.


More TR coming up in a bit, have to take DS to to orthodontist and then I’ll continue.


I don’t remember exactly what we did after LMO. I think some shopping and we wandered around the streets of America to see Osbourne Lights. They were so pretty, we almost bought the glasses, but can you believe they were out.

Here are a few pics, not my best though.


After the light show we headed over to find seats for Fantasmic. I was excited to see it again because in Sept. when we went the ship was down for refurbishment, not this time. Fantasmic is my favorite show and we were able to score second row seats. We loved it as usual.

I’m sorry to say that I the pics came out really bad. I did not bring my good Nikon camera, only my Kodak Easyshare. So I don’t have any to post.

That would wrap up our evening at DHS. We followed the masses out of the park and made our way to the bus. On the agenda for tomorrow, AK.


Oooh, I miss the lights this year. :frowning:

I understand what you mean about taking less pictures. I am becoming the same way. I am getting selfish, and wanting to relish my moments, without the camera.


Our next day began early. We were up by 7:00 as we wanted to make it for rope drop. DH wanted to got to DHS again and ride TSM one more time. So we did. and he was very happy. We got right in got FPs and then got in the stand-by line. We were able to ride twice by 9:45.

DH was please. He wanted to break 200,000 and he did, twice. He got on the leaderboard in the top two positions. He knew this wouldn’t last long as we regularly see people with scores over 250,000. But, DD, DH, and DS all had personal bests.

Here is DH’s top 2 scores.

Here is DD’s personal best of 124,600. I played with her, but my personal best is 168,400.


[QUOTE=lovemysons;914971]Oooh, I miss the lights this year. :frowning:

I understand what you mean about taking less pictures. I am becoming the same way. I am getting selfish, and wanting to relish my moments, without the camera.[/QUOTE]

I agree, I am taking the time to see things and not always behind the lense. Sorry you will miss the lights, maybe next year.


So, with Midway Mania under our belts for the day, we were off to AK. We arrived and were hungry, so off to Pizzafari for pizza and chicken parmesan sandwiches. Yummy!

We got FP’s for EE and decided to go back to Rafiki’s Planet watch. DD always asks to do this as she wants to be a veterinarian and loves to watch them work with the animals.

First we were greeted by a talking recycling can. I forget his name, but he is related to Push!

Next we saw a few characters, Pocahontas, Rafiki, and Jiminy Cricket. The kids did not want to wait for pics, although the lines were very short.

We lucked out and just as we approached the window in the veterinary room they were bringing in a baby Eland. He was 24 hours old and was not nursing properly so they were doing some blood work and giving him and IV. He was so cute. There were a lot of people in there holding him down while the gave him anesthesia and such. DD sat on the floor in front of the window for around 20 mins. She loved it.


We left Rafiki’s and made our way to the safari to pick up FPs before riding EE. On our way we saw Devine. I have always wanted to see her. She was really cool and very pretty.

We also stopped for a pic of the kids by the Tree of Life.


We enjoyed EE although the Yeti was not working properly. Our safari was OK. We did not see too many animals. No giraffes or ostriches and only one elephant. We enjoyed the animals we did see though. One Rhino was very close to the truck and we had to slow as not to hit him. They had been in the road for the truck in front of us. So we got to see him really closely.

Here are a few more.


I am always amazed at how fast the time goes. It was late afternoon already.

After the safari we went over to Dinoland for a bit and the kids rode PW, DH and I had ice cream. I used to ride PW with them, but it’s just not my cup of tea anymore.

We had done everything we wanted to do that day and it was still pretty early, like 4:00. While the kids were on PW DH had been on the internet with his Blackberry and he planned a surprise for us. He told me we were going to DtD, but that’s it.

Getting to DtD from the parks can be tricky. We wanted to take the shortest route possible, I don’t know of this was it, but we were on our way in no time and got to DtD in like 20 mins.

We got on a AKL bus, got off there, and waited for a DtD bus.

When we arrived a DtD I began to get off at Market place as that is where we usually go for shopping, Ghirardelli, the Lego Store and such. However, DH said stay on we are going to go to the West side. As soon as he told me this I knew what he had planned, but I didn’t tell the kids.

We got off the bus and DH sent the kids and I over to Wetzels Pretzels for a snack while he went in to AMC to get tickets for a movie.

we walked around the shops for a bit. DS loved watching the magician in the magic shop and we all enjoyed the candy store.

It was time for our movie and DH finally told the kids we were going to see Bolt in 3-D. Here they are with their glasses.


This would end our day. We got dinner off property at a barbecue place that we enjoy and then made our way back to the RV. Tomorrow would be our last day to visit, then back to GA for Christmas.


Our final day in FL would be split between 2 parks. We were up early again to try and make rope drop at MK. We missed it by 7 mins. :sad:. However, I learned something most of you probably knew already. Getting there that early rocks! We rode so many rides with no wait at all.

We rode the train back to FL to get FP’s for BTMR. We walked right on and had FPs for another ride later.

Around 9:30 we split up as DD and I wanted to meet Tink and friends. DH and DS went to TL to see about becoming Space Rangers. They rode 4 times in a row without waiting. By the time DD and I arrived to meet them there was still no wait at all.

Anyhow, the fairies were really great. Now, Tink did not look exactly how I thought she should, but their mannerisms and interaction with the children was fantastic. They were playful and funny and they interacted with each other. They took their time and you didn’t feel rushed at all. They talked to each child and asked them questions and really made them feel special. We only had to wait like 5 mins. because we were only like 4th in line. They take you in in small groups, so there was a group ahead of us and then we were in the 2nd group. By the time we came out the line was outside of the tent building. So, if you are going to meet the fairies I highly recommend getting there when MTTF opens.