"Might I suggest the Beverly?" TRIP REPORT


Just returned from 12 days at WDW - my son’s 11th birthday trip. It was the best trip ever! We did LOTS of new stuff, and ate, and ate…and ate!

My son is turning into a huge WDW fan, just soaking up all the information and with this being his 4th trip in 5 years, he is a little Disney encyclopedia. This factors into our title, of course, but you will have to wait…

anyway, with 12 days, I dont think I can bear to go day by day with details, but will do each days highlights. We ate at many new places, and really enjoyed them. We laughed so much this trip, it was really great.

Be back later, pics will be a little while.

Here’s the 411:

Cast: Me, DH, DD12 1/2, DS11, friend K and Oz and their DD10.
Stayed: Sept. 22 - Oct. 4 POP Century, Free Dining
Activities: MNSSHP, Pirate’s League, Beach day trip to Cocoa Beach and Kennedy Space Center, Typhoon Lagoon (twice for me!), Wishes Dessert Party.


Hey you’re back. Good. I am looking forward to your report on the Dessert Party. You wouldn’t be up to telling me how that was, would you?


It was Awesome! By our last day, I was BEAT! and as tired as I was, I began to wish we hadn’t booked it for our last night, but the Wishes Dessert Party was Awesome, the kids totally loved it (one last surprise!) and we left very glad we had done it. But that’s all I’m saying for now:wub:!


Sandy and i loved it too. It was difficult to get into the mood of fatty desserts when we were tired and sweaty but it was well worth it.


I know that in November there will be no sweaty and certainly no tired :laugh:
We must plough forth.

Ok Mrs. Cowan, get the report on the road and keep going until day 12 has been finished. I’ll keep an eye on the progress and pull out the whip if I have to :wink:


Sounds great!!!


Looking forward to more!!


[QUOTE=Dopey;996948]I know that in November there will be no sweaty and certainly no tired :laugh:
We must plough forth.

Ok Mrs. Cowan, get the report on the road and keep going until day 12 has been finished. I’ll keep an eye on the progress and pull out the whip if I have to :wink:[/QUOTE]

She’s not kidding you know…

Welcome back, can’t wait to hear all about it! 12 days!! Whoooeeee!!:happy:


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait for pics!


12 days must have been a blast! I can’t wait to read your report! :pirate:


Travel Day Sept 21 2009
We sent the kids to school on this Monday, and picked them up in the last ½ hour of the school day. We had had the previous weekend to do some of the schoolwork they would miss, but they did a few hours of work on the evening drive. We had brought a Costco Greek pasta salad in the cooler for dinner on the road, and the drive started out perfectly. So my DH drove and the kids and I slept. My DH likes to drive in silence, so he had not had the radio on. The skies were clear and we experienced little or no rain, but as we crossed from AL into GA near Atlanta, we were surprised to be diverted off the Interstate due to flooding on I20. It was around 2-3am and our Garmin had frozen and would not function. We followed the crowd, and after 45 minutes, we made our way to I-75. Off we go, running about an hour late for a 6 am arrival, but with time to spare. Well, not 15 miles down the road, there was again a blockade and we were diverted far, I mean FAR off of I-75 and back on….it was pitch dark, we had no idea where we were going….and our GPS was down. Arghh! Eventually, we got back on track and made our way to the Magic Kingdom for a 8:30 arrival. Later we saw pictures of Six Flags, right on I-75 with the bottom of the coaster tracks under water. Whew! Glad we missed that storm!:ohmy:


Our friends had arrived the night before and while our requests for the 50’s section was not available, she did arrange adjoining rooms in the 80’s. :cool:Forgot the perks of the 80’s – gotta love the music! The adjoining rooms were handy, the only drawbacks to our 80’s location being the hike through/around the parking lot – I’d rather see their great icons! And the walk to the actual food court-the buses were close, but the food court was a bit of a hike. It was fine, we still love POP! :wub::wub:
:nuke:TIPS: [ul]
[/ul]following advice from the Disboards POP pages, we brought a cloth shower curtain and those disposable hooks and made ourselves a private changing area near the sink. This was great, I would miss it if I didn’t have it from now on. Blocked the mess of the closet and sink as well.
[/ul] brought a hanging mesh shoe holder that we hung on the adjoining door – this kept our keys, goggles, change, receipts, shoes organized.
[/ul] inflatable sleeping bag – this worked great, the kids fight horribly when forced to sleep in the same bed! Until it popped. Oh, well, how often do we sleep with the kids? It was kinda nice the last few nights to snuggle with my babies.[/COLOR]


Is that too big? regular is too small for trs, I think. any advice on ease of reading??


Looks good to me. I agree, sometimes when a person puts a lot in one post I have trouble reading it.


i agree…easy reading! thanks.


I’m so glad to hear it was still good! :heart:


me too. I made my ADR for this today :happy:


Nice start to your TR.
Sounds you had a great time!


Be glad that it only took you a short time to take that detour around Atlanta. Even if your GPS had worked, it would have been no good. The roads around here were blocked all over Atlanta. We live about 30 minutes north of I-20/I-75. it took my husband over 4 hours to get home at 7:00 at night (no rush hour). And I had to give him directions using the computer- to get home. I am SOOOOO glad that your trip did not start out with that. It was horrible around here with all of the roads closed. They were closing so fast, you could not keep up…

Glad that your detour was only 30 minutes. What a fun vacation! Details please!


Day 1
We met our friends in their room, and soon headed over to the Grand Floridian for our son’s Birthday Meal: Brunch at 1900 Park Fare. We took the bus to the magic Kingdom and the monorail to the GF. It took a while but we arrived within 10 minutes of our reservation. We had a 10:45am reservation, but waited a good 25 minutes to be seated.

I had ordered a custom cake from the GF bakery for my son’s birthday: our favorite movie is UP! And we had a cake made with the balloons as decoration. It was beautiful and delicious! He was very surprised and excited and the cake was SO GOOD! Yellow cake with custard and fresh strawberries. We all ate it at brunch and again for breakfast the next morning.
The characters here were AWESOME! We loved Mary Poppins, the kids laughed with Pooh and Tigger, and Alice and the Mad Hatter were absolutely hysterical! Took photos, but no autographs this year.


12 days in WDW…ahh some day. I love everything so far and can’t wait for some pics!!