Mike and Suley to the Rescue


Hey yall. I just got off with Jake, a CM and a family friend and we were talking (he was telling me about the HPB area and the new DCA ride because I had asked him about it yesterday) but back to my point…I just thought maybe some of you might want a little update on DCA’s newest to come ride: Monsters Inc: Mike and Suley to the Rescue. The ride is pretty much finished and now their just finishing up the outside area. Disney’s goal is to have it open by Christmas for soft openings, so if any of you plan on going to DLR after/around Christmas you may get to ride it, just thought you might want to know!


open by CHRISTMAS!!! WAA-HOOO! That is SO soon (not that I’m planing a trip anytime soon, but still, thats awesome)
Whoever ride it first from DC must take 90 zillion pictures throughout the WHOLE ride :smile:
Thanks for the info anaheimboy :mickey:


My pleasure Princess Tessa, glad you apprechiated to info :smile:


awe shucks…that makes me soo glad!!! :slight_smile: considering i’ll be there during the new years…i cant wait to ride it!!!


Yea, Ill be happy that you might get a chance to ride it! If all goes to plan they should have it open for soft openings by then! The only real thing that would hold them back from opening the ride is not getting the outside area finished in time, but with Disney that doesnt usually happen. :smile: