Mike and Sulley are Moving!


I know many of you cherish meeting Mike and Sulley whenever you visit Studios, so you may want to know that starting this Sunday the 27th, they are moving down the street…literally! They’re leaving Commisary Lane and they’ve taken one of the old buildings at the end of the Streets of America (where the Power Rangers meet) and have set up a new portal to take people to a new floor of the Laugh Factory to meet and greet! So they’re still at the Studios, still doing meet and greets, just moved down the block!


At least there still there.


RR, more details abotu the new area of Laugh Factory please! Is it just a meet & greet room, or is there more to see?


Where are you BOO!:laugh: :laugh:


Thanks for the info rowdy! WE always like to meet up with mike and sulley.


Well I’ve yet to see the room myself, but what I understand it’s just a new meet and greet room, but the queue waiting for them looks amazing. Like you’ve really been transported to their world.


Is it any cosolation that she will be in the Block Party Bash? :laugh:


Yes, too bad I will never get to see her :frowning:
No disney for two years is gonna kill me :frowning:

Thanks for the info Rowdy, the kids like meeting up with Mike and Sulley.:laugh:


sounds awesome!! thanks RR!!


Thanks for the tip, Rowdy! We really loved meeting Mike and Sulley on our last trip though I was a little nervous that we might knock poor Mike over. His arms seemed a little hard to manage. Ha.


Thanks Rowdy for always keeping us in the know. I think this is a good idea as sometimes their line would block the street and cause congestion there.

The queue area sound really great.


What about the power rangers?..I know a four year old who can’t wait to get to see them at the studios. Are they still there too?


Rowdy is still my hero.


Thanks for the info- a photo with them is a must for DD.


Yes, but are the Power Rangers still going to be doing meets and greets?


You kidding? The entire 4-10 year old boy age group of the planet would rise against us and beat us senseless if we got rid of the Rangers! They’re such a huge draw for guests. I’m sure they’ll be around for a WHILE longer yet. :laugh:


DS would be so upset if the rangers weren’t there!:crying:


Last year, Mike scratched my dd (age 4) with his big “paws” and she STILL talks about it.

And, my then 8 year old ds LOVED the power rangers!!


Thanks! :mickey: :biggrin: