Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!


I found a cool article on the offical “celebrity studded” opening this week.

(They temporarly named the new Hollywood Studios area “Monstropolis”)


I quote Mouse Planet again…


Ah, how cool! :cool:

I wish I could have been there! :pinch:


That is so cool, Tessa!! Thanks for the pictures!!


Cool Tessa! Hmm…why wasn’t I invited…I gotta call my agent :happy:


I know Peppertink! I’m going to fire my agent. I haven’t been invited to many of the recent openings…who is running this show anyways :pinch: sheeesh!


Oh thanks for the info Tessa. Very cool. I see your husband was there too!


I know!!! You’d think his WIFE would get to come along but noooo
He made me stay at home and sit on DC so I could send updates.
I :heart: him swoon


That’s so cool they have the whole area done up to look like their city…very cool…

Hey PPT… I hate to burst your bubble, but my MIL worked with your “husband” when he was in WDW to tape the Soarin’ video…and she said he’s a drunk… :eek:


are you serious!!!
well, I guess I’ll be joining AlAnon


Aawww…that’s disappointing :nonono2:


Yea, she said that he showed up to the set a couple hours late smelling like boos and wearing the same clothes as the day before. He kept saying “I should have gone to bed last night.” And apparently he was very demanding…wanting all kinds of odd stuff brought to him… I hate to burst your bubble, but I’d hate to see my favorite Princess Pirate marry a mean guy…


ooooooo those food stations look fab. That must have been a real coo to be there for that. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go ~ I hope your DH brought you back a gift too!!!

Great pictures!


Wow, I can’t wait to ride the ride!!! Thanks for the pictures!


The ride is pretty darn snazzy and fun! Try and get to DLR to ride it when you can! :smile:


I am trying to convince my dad to come with me to DL for a single day in March as we head to the NASCAR race in Vegas… He isn’t cooperating! :mad: What is his problem!!! :blink:

I want to ride Monster’s Inc! :sad: NOW! :glare:


Peppy–I think our invitations got lost somewhere…Tessa–that is so ‘kewl’! Thanks for sharing with us! :happy:


Keep working on him, you can wear him down!


Yes, he could use subliminal messages. And whining always helps.


Hmmm, I like the idea of a subliminal message. It could go something like this…Write YOU WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND over and over again on a pad of paper, then take the paper under it and write a note to your dad on it! Wa la! Subliminal message complete! :tongue: