Mikey's love for Disney


This is from an article I read with Michael Jackson’s Nurse (Cherilyn Lee)regarding his recent actions. Knew he liked Disney hence Neverland, but not this much. Wonderful how Walt was able to have an effect to all extremes.

[I]After he settled in bed, Lee told Jackson to turn down the lights and music — he had classical music playing in the house. “He also had a computer on the bed because he loved Walt Disney,” she said. “He was watching Donald Duck and it was ongoing. I said, Maybe if we put on softer music,' and he said,No, this is how I go to sleep.’”[/I]


Awww… that’s so sweet.


It seems bittersweet to me. Just another example of how misunderstood he was.


Wow it’s really neat to have that little insight into his life. :heart:


His dad is the real “NutCase” and he’s starting to show it!!! Joe …your son just died, “Hey did you hear about my new music label ?” the real WACKO!!!