Miley Cyrus Performs


For those of you that didn’t know Hannah Montana
aka Miley Cyrus is going to be at MK on Saturday performing.


Oh my niece would absolutley love that! She’s three and knows alllll of her songs!! I wish she was coming when we were going. That would REALLY make her trip. (hehe, she thinks Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana’s sister):laugh:


Yep. And my girlfriend is going to be one of the people taking care of her :biggrin:


Wow! Where is she performing? Is it for everyone to see or just the TV crew for the games?


Checks flights to Orlando

I think I can make it! :biggrin: :laugh:

(Okay, wishful thinking. Darn. :dry:)


No need to check flights. Her appearance has been cancelled due to the uproar over the Vanity Fair photos.


That is really a shame. I can’t believe more of the responsibility for the photo isn’t going to the photographer. I really feel for Miley in this situation. A world renowned photographer told a 15 year old how to pose and now the 15 year old is being held responsible for the photo. Hopefully Miley learned a valuable lesson in all of this. I even heard a nation wide DJ comparing this to Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant and really dogging Disney for what has happened. And this DJ even takes a group of kids to Disney every year!


Can’t blame Libowitz here, when dad was around the photo shoot. Her handlers should know better.


I am sorry but they were not that bad…I can see how it hurts the disney image, but seriosuly folks…can’t even be compared to a 16yr old girl getting pregnant. I think it’s a shame that they cancelled her show…most kids will not even see the vanity thing and are just going to be disappointed.


I agree completely. The second they asked her to pose without a shirt someone (MOM OR DAD!) should have said no way:eek: ! Can’t blame the photographer or the magazine when Mom and Dad were only feet away.


ok I just viewed the video of the shoot and the slide show…this is not bad…give me a break. Her entire family was there. I think the media was just waiting for her to make a bad move…

here’s the link for those interested.

Behind the Scenes with Miley Cyrus: Entertainment & Culture:


A white sheet covering her…this poor kid is probally about ready to cry right now for all this attention these photos are getting…it’s not good attention that is for sure.

I REALLY think that this is being blown out of water for no reason…


I agree that those adults who were supposed to be watching out for Miley have responsibilty here, but so does a photographer who takes a provocative picture of a 15 year old. Seems like all the media is putting this responsibility on the 15 year old.


I agree that they are placing blame on the 15yr old…plenty of knowing adults allowed this to go on. Point of this entire thing is that she has had no issues of any kind…shiney, down-to-earth girl with no bad rep…she makes a bad move and everyone is going to just make this something that takes on a life of its own. I think every single person makes mistakes…shame they can’t just chalk this up to one.

The kids who love and follow her really don’t care about this…most won’t even get it as what 8yr old girl thinks about this kind of stuff. They just love her music…I think people need to get a grip.


Honestly, I thought the photo was perfectly beautiful and there is nothing inappropriate about it! I don’t see what the fuss is about. The girl is a superstar, and some of the superstars wear a lot less than that sheet when they are on the red carpet.

I thought the press decided on its own that the pic was inappropriate. I certainly would NEVER have considered the issue had I just seen the pics in Vanity Fair at the dentist’s office.

*Way back when (50s 60s and 70s), when things were way more prudish than they are today, formal portraits of proper young ladies were commonly taken with the young lady wearing just a wrap around her shoulders. OK, they were shoulders-and-above pics, but the idea remains the exact same!

In this day and age of popular young stars’ 16-year-old pregnancies, binge drinking and drug use and panties-optional appearances, I think this lovely Cyrus pic is very much of a tempest in a teapot.


I didn’t think the photos looked provocative at all. They were intended to be artistic. And they don’t show anything. Way too much hoopla over nothing in my opinion.


I agree with you completely. They showed her naked shoulders…she wasn’t sitting on set topless. People just thrive off the negative. they just like to watch bad things happen to people…it’s sickening.


Thank you…well said fizzle.:heart:


I agree that the pics aren’t as bad as they are made out to be in the media, but if blame is to be placed it should be on the adults who were present. I don’t think Miley has done anything wrong or at the very least nothing more than most teenage girls. I can’t imagine what images might be produced if all teenagers were followed by someone with a camera!


Exactly. I think these were meant to be art and not trash. I think everyone thinks of the Demi Moore (also not trashy) and the Madonna pic (a little racey, but not trashy) naked pics on the front of the magizine when they see this. She is showing shoulders…that’s it. The inside pics are very tasteful and with clothes.

Behind the Scenes with Miley Cyrus: Entertainment & Culture: