Miley Cyrus to Celebrate Turning 16 at Disneyland


[I]So she’s not going to be at WDW after all . . . so WHY IS IT CLOSING EARLY?

PS. You can buy ticket to be with her too . . . how much are they going to cost???[/I]

When Miley Cyrus finally becomes old enough to drive on Sunday, Oct. 5, she can jump behind the wheel – on the Autopia!

Actually, reports Entertainment Tonight, the Hannah Montana star will be celebrating her Sweet 16th birthday party with a special bash at California’s Disneyland, home of the Autopia, the Matterhorn and Space Mountain. As Cyrus says in a special video message on, “I love roller coasters.”

There’s also going to be a special fireworks display during what Cyrus calls “one rockin’ night … totally awesome.” She’ll sing some songs, too.

The public is invited, as the event will benefit a good cause, Youth Service America, which helps improve the lives of people ages 5 to 25.

“There’s only one world,” says the birthday girl, “and we got to take care of it.”

Priced at $250, a limited number of tickets to Miley’s Sweet 16 – Share the Celebration will go on sale Saturday, Aug. 30, at 9 a.m. PT.


Just bumping this . . . for everyone to see! (guess no one cares!) :blink: REALLY? :blush:


I was going to post this as well. I’m sure plenty of parents will buy these tickets.


wonder if they put a hold on Disney World until they found out what/where she was doing it. Since she’s in Disneyland, they decided to extend the hours again.


I saw this on myspace (I’m one of Miley’s friends, of course! :blush: :laugh:) and I’m probably the only 23-year-old in the world who REALLY WANTS TO GO!! :laugh: I really do. Maybe as a late 24th birthday present? I mean those tickets…yikes. But I’d be willing to pay the price AND put up with all the little girlies running around! :tongue:


The Mrs and I watch the show at times and get a kick out of it…but Jiminy Christmas…$250??? Not that we would be able to go of course, but I know there are some families who will fork over the money to make their kids happy to attend


According to AllEars, MNSSHP has now been added to the WDW calendar for Oct 4th. Maybe there was a change in venue at the last minute?


I have a feeling that’s exactly what happened.


I’m sure . . . parents were spending $1000 for her concert tickets . . . and those were NOSE BLEED seats! :blink: My girls :heart: HM! Good thing it’s a DL and not WDW!!

(not that I could afford it anyway!) :blush:


I told DH about this last night and he actually shrugged at the $250 ticket price. (When you consider how few people will be in the park, that alone does make the price seem worth it!) Who knows, maybe I can keep working on him within the next week and get a special birthday present after all? :tongue:


IMO I dont think $250 is a bad price. You get tickets to DL and see Miley??? Not bad because the concert was more than that. I wonder what you get for $250??


All info I’ve got says that there will be all sorts of Miley-themed entertainment, her “favorite” attractions will be open in each area, she’ll perform, and there will be a big fireworks display to end the night.

I just think it would be neat to attend an event where the number of tickets is so limited! I remember working at Autopia on a day when attendance barely hit 10,000 (which is twice the number of tickets being sold to this event)…I didn’t see people enter the attraction for an hour or more at a time, it was crazy! But as such, the cast members and the guests were all more relaxed and enjoying themselves more. :happy:


The money is going to Youth Service > Home


Where have I been??? I haven’t heard a word about Miley being at the park. My daughter would love to go to this. $250 is a lot of money, but think of the memories. I wonder if there are any tickets left. Oct.5th isn’t that far away.


I sure wish Miley was having her party on Oct. 5 in disneyworld vs disneyland. In a heartbeat, I would pay $250.00 a ticket for my daughter to experience that. It’s once in a lifetime! We’ll be in disneyworld on 10/5/08 so that’s why we wish it was there instead. Strangely, we almost were going to book our trip for disneyland but I thought the 8 hour flight was just too much for us. Florida is only 3 hours.


My dd would love to go to this. Wish I was closer. And had a spare $250 lying around, lol!


I would like to go and take my 13 year old niece but unfortunately don’t have the money right now… My niece loves Miley Cyrus and thinks she is a better role model for girls than some of the other teen stars out there.