Military discount?


If you have a relative that used to be in the military, can you use their ID to get a discount at a hotel? :blink: :blush:


I think you can only use a family member’s military I.D. if that family member is with you at the time! If it is a retired member, I think the discount would apply. :cool:


Heh, okay. But if they’re not, then you can’t? :redface:


Is the relative retired or reserve?

Those are the only discounts, and they are SUPPOSED to be in the party.

However, Disney doesn’t usually enforce this rule.

But be prepared to pony up the big bucks if they ask for ID and the warm body ain’t there…


:laugh: :mickey: He used to be in the military.


So… you’re not this person’s dependant, he/she is no longer in the military and has not retired from the military?

If so, and if you have no moral objections, then go for it. But understand that you’d be committing fraud, and you’d be doing it using the property of the US government. If something were to go wrong things could get messy.:nuke:


That would be just a former veteran?

I don’t think they offer discounts to them…

I could be wrong.

But when I bought military discount tickets at the MWR window at MCRD, I had to be reserve or retired.

I would suspect the hotel would have the same requirement…


Well, seeing that it’s wrong, of course I wouldn’t go for it. :eek:


Alright, thanks for all the help. :happy:


To follow up with stopgo in good legalese…

Military ID cards are for official use of the person identified hereon. Use or possession except as prescribed is unlawful, and will make the offender liable to heavy penalty. 18 USC 499, 506, and 701.

Usually ID cards have expiration dates if they were enlisted.

And they are usually surrendered upon discharge.

I guess my question is what kind of ID is it, and if your “friend” is no longer in the military, why does he still have it? :pirate:

You don’t have to answer that, by the way… :laugh:


Well, don’t kill me for this, but actually I don’t know why. My uncle (yes, this is the dude I’m talking about :laugh:) still has his military ID… :huh:


We are civil service (works on base but not military). We have to have the sponsor(person who works on base) with us.