Military discounts...?


I was wondering if there are any current military discounts for active duty military and/or their family. Thanks.


There are no current discounts out right now but military families can stay at Shades of Green for as little as $72 depending on rank. Last year WDW resorts offered a 40% discount on rooms, hopefully they will repeat that one again soon!


Nope, not at Disney… I’ve been REALLY disappointed in Disney about this too… Sea World is still offering free admission to military and their families… You should check that out…


Do they ever offer the discounts to veterans and members of the VFW who have completed their service?


I believe that you must be an ID card holdrer (active or retiree) to receive any type of military discount. If I am wrong someone will jump in and correct me.


I have never seen any veteran discounts but am hoping.


I don’t remeber seeing any there on our last trip except when we stopped by Shades of Green to check it out. They had the ITT tickets w/ military prices, and in-hotel AAFES and such, in addition to the room rate. I’ve also heard from friends who’ve stayed there that the hotel bars/restaurants are a bit cheaper than the other resorts.
Prezcatz Paul


How was SOG? Did you find it easy to get to?


SoG is VERY easy to get to. It’s just right down the road from the Poly. It’s actually within walking distance from there. When we’ve stayed there in the past we would usually just walk to the Poly in the morning and either hop on the monorail to hit the MK, or to the TTC to connect to where we were headed. It’s really a nice resort. The only down side is that you don’t get that “Disney” feeling there. No Mickey soap, no wake-up call from Mickey, etc. But the size of the rooms makes up a lot of that. The rooms are HUGE!!!


I’d agree, very easy to get to. We took the monorail to the TTC, then grabbed the SoG bus from there. We only looked around 30 minutes or so, but it looked so wonderful, and we heard such good things about it from friends who have stayed there, we made our reservations at SoG for this December.
Prezcatz Paul


I am also very interested in veteran discounts if anyone knows about any. My husband is a marine veteran, but all the discounts I have found are for active and retired members. Thanks to anyone for the help


I dont know of any that have been offered. You must be an id card holder.