Million Dreams Contest -- Cinderella's Castle Suite!


How many times on this forum have posts mentioned that someone would love to sleep in the Castle??? A lot!

Just saw a commercial on Good Morning America where you can enter a drawing to be the first to stay in the new Cinderella’s Castle suite (looks pretty great!) by sending an email to them. It said you need to tell them about your family and include a picture with the email… Want to read about the newly created suite, see some pics and enter to win it???

HERE IS THE LINK!!! C’mon MBers, somebody here needs to win this thing!!!

ABC News: Enter the ‘GMA’ Royal Treatment Contest


I am looking at the contest link but where did you see the pictures MissDis?This sounds AWESOME!


I’m in…


I didn’t realize they made you write and ESSAY! :blink: I nominated my sister and her family because they really deserve a trip. I felt kind of selfish writing an essay about why my family would deserve the prize - we went to WDW 3 times this year!:redface:


Im having a tough time trying to think of a reason that we should be there over someone else…


I am writing and sending pictures. Now of course I wish that I had some pics with me in it. I don’t like my picture taken (obvious reasons–not photogenic)

Thank you for posting this MissDisney


Me too. I didn’t know we had to write an essay about why we should be selected over another family. That’s a tough one.


I wonder what the family that already won the contest did to win :laugh:


This is another one right? It says it starts in Oct ends in Dec.


Wow can you imagine? that would be great! I love Cinderella Castle :happy: And the Magic Kingdom, it’s my favourite park :heart:
I didn’t see a picture on the link though, did I miss it?:confused:


Yes it is ! I think I am going to write about why my family would enjoy this, not why we deserve it more than another! There are many more deserving people than me! I am going to work the creativity angle!:laugh:


That would be correct. Don’t worry. I’m sure there are gonna be several of these over the next year.


Maybe it’s just GMA that is requesting the essay and pic?!

Ive been on the disney site for this contest and it doesn’t ask for any of that and I was reading part of the rules, etc… just last nite!


Hi… OK, I think the pictures of the suite may have been in the Good Morning America advertisement for the contest… watch the show and see if it will come up again. The room looked very inviting and luxurious!

I think the essay and pic are just for GMA…


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That was funny. I know Mike S, and he’s been trying to wrangle himself an overnight in the castle for a while now! :laugh: He’ll be so disappointed if this opportunity gets past him. And if writing skills are involved, he’ll win it hands down. He can bring a Disney tear to anyone’s eye with his writing skills.