Mini golf course which is better


I just receive my disney package and we have a voucher for a free round of mini golf. So I was wondering which course was better the fantasia or the winter summerland course


We like Fantasia (Gardens course) but I have heard good things about both courses at this site and Winter Summerland. I probably have not helped much.


We have never played mini golf at WDW but I think both courses are similar, just the theming is different. We have never used this voucher for some reason. May in Sept. We will make the time to do this. I am determined to do some things we have never done before.


We personally love Fantasia. We always try to get there every couple of years. We did try Winter/Summerland once, it just didn’t have the same feel of magic.


I really liked the Winter Summerland Course. The atmosphere was very enjoyable and there were good courses.


I like Fantasia because I prefer the theming. It just looks more Disney.


Winter/Summerland golf is better than Fantasia in our opinion. It is a tradition for our party of 13 to play the afternoon of the day we arrive. A few years ago we arrived the first week in December and went to play. The Reindeer from the Christmas Parade were there running all over the golf course and we had so much fun.