Mini Golf Question


Could someone help us… with or next visit we would like to play mini golf at the course by the Dolphin Resort. Could you tell us how to get there, does the bus system go directly to the mini golf couse? or do we go to the Dolphin Resort and walk over? Does the couse have lights? evening visits possible?


Hope this link helps

Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf


We play that course every time we go down to WDW. They are open to 11 PM each night. We usually take the boat from epcot to the Dolphin/Swan then walk over to play. If you are at any of the other take the bus to the Dolphin and walk over to the course or take the boat from the studio and get off at the Swan/Dolphin.


The easiest conection from your resort, if you are not at a Epcot resort, is to take a bus from your resort to DTD and switch to a Swan/Dolphin bus. If you go directly from a park you can just reverse the DTD transfer on the way back.