Mini Golf


My family is big on mini golf, and we tried two courses during our stay.

  1. Fantasia Gardens: The Gardens course.
    This was a quite a challanging course for all of us. My 6 year old who has conquered our home-town course, was almost put to tears attempting this. She was frustrated and did’nt have a good time. We were a party of 7 and had to divide into 2 groups. My father, brother and husband were doing well, yet even with all their experience a ‘hole in one’ was hard to come by that night. We played at nearly 7pm, and there was one other family there. At $9 a person (kids too) we won’t be going back there.

  2. Pirates Cove, Captain Kidd’s adventure course
    All 7 of us really enjoyed this course.
    We played two groups again. Everyone had fun, because the course was really cool to walk through. Up and over bridges, under a waterfall, a pirates cannon takes shots into the water, and our favorite making shot into a dark cave. My mom was on a roll that night and got a couple ‘holes in one’ the guys all got at least one (okay, my dad did’nt) and my 6 year old got quite close to a hole in one. She was pleased. My only word of warning, several times our balls bounced out of play. It’s sometimes difficult to keep in bounds, espesially near the water! We had a good time here, I would recommend. We were there in the evening, pretty busy. We had to let some other groups pass us a couple of times.


Waaaay back when in about 1986 (I was only 3) there was a great putt putt on International drive I think. I can remember it being really really cool. Other than that I can’t remember anything else… Like I said, I was only 3. And no, I didnt’ do too well on it!