Mini hipster?



I was just wondering if anyone has used a Vera Bradley mini hipster in the parks? I usually use a fanny pack, but Vera Bradley has 20% off sale prices through today online, and I was considering it. DD is 10, so I really don’t need to carry much. Also, wouldn’t mind input on what kind of bag you like to carry in the parks.



My daughter carried a mini hipster last year. Worked out great for her. Not a lot of room but she carried a small camera, cell phone, money clip and the usual stuff (hand sanitizer, candy, etc.) Made it easy for her to go on rides, especially with pull down bars. She tried a fanny pack the year before, worked well but really had to do alot of rearranging of it when it came to rides. You would like it as long as you dont need to carry alot of things to the parks. Anything that she bought we had sent to our resort or she carried in the store bag. It also worked out well as a personal bag for the plane ride back and forth. Hope this helps.


I didn’t like the mini hipster, the strap was so skinny, It felt like it was cutting into me all day. Get the regular hipster. The strap is thicker and more comfortable, and it has MORE room without being too much bigger. It weighs the same and feels the same on, minus the skinny, flesh cutting :pinch: strap. For me it’s the ultimate park bag.

My friend carries the backpack, but she’s crazy with the change of clothes, the wipes, the rain gear, etc. Both our kids are 6 & 10 but she always feels she has to be prepared for the worst!


I second the regular Vera hipster. I LOVE mine for all of the same reasons mickeysgirlz listed above, plus they wash up very nicely.


Thank you so much for your helpful replies. 19 Days to go!



I have the mini hipster…way too small. I really hate something hanging around my neck so I use a fanny pack; it holds my camera, cell phone, small wallet w/cred. cards, small wristlet for cash, small first aid box, hand sanitizer wipes, tissues. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a fanny pack anywhere else, but it frees up my hands.


I switched from mini hipster to regular hipster for the last trip, and it worked out great! More room in it, and more comfy to wear.


I’m glad I saw this thread because I have been debating between the two bags! Thanks for the tips!:happy: