Mini Points to Remember


son (5 years old)
son (2 years old)

Arrived Tuesday, February 14 and left Thursday, February 23.

Just a few things I have picked up from DC that really helped us on our trip. I don’t recall the original posters of the tips but thanks to all of you guys.

  1. watch for lines (whether it is to check bags or in restaurants) that only have people lined up on one side / several times we were able to walk right up to the other side because people did not realize Disney almost always works from both sides at the same time

  2. enter AK thru Rainforest Cafe giftshop / no wait at all but the lines outside at the official park entrance were out to the bag check area!

  3. resort monorail/resort monorail/RESORT MONORAIL! this saved us time over and over again

4)try to walk in if you did not make an adr / we checked on O’hanas one morning while we were at Kona Cafe and were told they were booked all week but to check around 445 each afternoon / we did not make it back around 445 but tried around 900pm when we were there / we had a five minute wait and ended up with a table with a view of the fireworks!

5)late long naps and the kids will make it to late EMH / EMH at MK was midnight to 3am and our kids had a blast / even though it was Presidents Day weekend it was not busy during evening EMH/ we saw Dumbo with empty seats even / of course the next day we did not plan to go to MK since we had a late start but MGM was not bad at all when we arrived around noon


Thanks for reinforcing the tips! It’s great that we can share these tried and true tactics that work to save us time and our sanity!!!


Welcome Home Janice!!! Great idea about the tips :mickey:

I haven’t read about the Rainforest Cafe gift shop entrance! Great to know.

And the ‘resort monorail’ tip, is that taking the resort monorail, then switching to the park monorail once you arrive at the resort? (sorry if that is a silly question)


Not a silly question at all, like I said, I learned these from other dc’ers or I would not have had a clue!

The resort monorail also makes a stop at the TTC. You do have to stop at the resorts as well but it is either just one stop at the Contemporary or just two stops at Poly and GF. When the line for the monorail going to and from MK is all the way down the ramp the short stops at the resorts do not seem like a bad trade at all!


I had never heard of the AK/ rainforest tip either ! I will be trying that next time !!


Me either! :happy: Thank you, glad you are back!


Thanks for the tips! Like others, I have never heard of the AK/Rainforest tip! That would be a great time saver!! Thanks!


Thanks for sharing that the tips really did make a difference. And I, too, have never heard the tip about Rainforest Cafe gift shop/AKL entrance! I will definitely have to try that one!!!


So how would one get to Rainforest Cafe? I’ve never been to AK, and am planning to hit there on the next trip.


Rainforest Cafe is just outside the AK gates.


Ah, gotcha. Thanks.

Now watch me miss it… :glare:


Hey Janice, will you be posting a trip report soon? And yes, how do you get to the Rainforest Cafe?


I didn’t know you could do that if you were not a resort guest. I’ve waited in that very long line at the end of the day too many times. Great tip!


I would just like to say I posted all of those tips and you are very welcome …

HEY who threw that?


Daydreamer,I take the resort monorail all the time and have never been stopped. If I am ever,I am prepared to say that I have valet-parked at the Poly and need to get to my car. Since I always valet at the Poly when I go to MK,it will be a true story.


Never used that one either and will try it next time! Great tip!!


Hi Dopey,

No, I’m not planning to do a big report, I didn’t take notes this time. I did a few things new though.

I rode Splash Mountain for the first time in years. I usually stay with the 2 yr old while DH takes the older son. But this time the older son asked for me so I couldn’t refuse. To be honest, I spent the whole pre-drop part of the ride worrying if he was covered good with his rain poncho and how close we were getting to the drop, I didn’t really enjoy the build-up story to the drop. We barely got wet in the drop.

I also tried the vegetable samosas in Adventureland-much better than the eggroll. We also tried El Pirata y el Perico and it was good. I had my first but certainly not last Lapu Lapu.

We saw the Share the Magic Parade for the first time as well as the Stars and Motor Cars Parade. Oh, and also, we saw Fantasmic for the first time. I had always worried about it being too scary for my sons but they were fine. We were sitting way to one side and high up though so that probably helped a lot. My brother and nephew were with us for part of the trip and they saw Illuminations for the first time. He likes Illuminations more than Wishes which is just weird to me.

I rode Dinosaur for the first time. We finally convinced DS(5) to ride and he loved it so we used the rider switch so he could go again. It wasn’t that great to me. I didn’t see a lot of Dinosaurs and the ride was just uncomfortable it was so bumpy.

During the EMH at MK from midnight to 3 am we saw Dumbo going with some empty seats. We stopped our boys and said now is your chance to ride if you want to ride. They both refused! :eek: We told them not to expect us to wait in line for it any time soon then since they didn’t want to go while it wasn’t busy. I had never seen it go with empty seats!

Good grief, this is sort of turning into a trip report! If I think of anything else I will post it later.


Oh, I forgot, the Rainforest Cafe is next to the entrance of Animal Kingdom. Once you go thru the bag check line at AK just turn left and the entrance to Rainforest is in front of you. You will see the big frog on the bench by the menu. When you walk in it will be in the lobby of the restaurant where they have the hostess stand on the left side. Follow the entranceway to the right side into the gift shop part of the Rainforest Cafe. All the way in the back is an entrance to the park.


Oh, I forgot another thing we tried for the first time this trip…

We saw the Cowboy version of The Great Movie Ride.

We asked the CM outside if they were running it and he told us to let the CM inside know we wanted it. We had to wait thru a few loadings for the Gangster version before one came for the Cowboy but they were very nice about it. They didn’t make us feel like we were being a pain for asking either.

As for the actual Cowboy version, I actually liked the Gangster better. The particular Cowboy we had did very little interaction. He only said a few lines. When we have had the Gangster in the past, the character has spoken quite a bit.

However, it was nice to finally see it!


oh, Janice…I am sorry that you “looked forward to” getting wet :biggrin: and then it didn’t happen. You must try that ride again. I say, plan a whole new trip around Splash Mountain soon! ;))