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DH surprised me last week with the news that he had booked a trip to WDW for us. He said that he couldn’t think of any other gift that would make his family happier, and he was so right! He told me at lunch time on Wednesday that we would leave after DD11’s Christmas chorus concert the next night. :eek:I began scrambling to get laundry washed and checking out the weather for Disney World so I would know what to pack for everyone.

DH wanted to totally surprise the children by putting them in the car with the ruse that we were going to meet his sister with something that she just HAD to have. We were going to tell them to sit back, relax, go to sleep if they wanted because it might take a while. :laugh: I sneakily packed our luggage on Thursday morning and hid it in the back of the car before the kids were home from school. DD11 prepared for her concert, and I was so surprised that she wasn’t running around the house trying to find her lip gloss and Christmas earrings that I had already packed. She never said a word.:confused:I wondered if she was onto us. After the concert, we told the kids our story about DH’s sister, had them change into pajamas and get into the car with pillows and blankets. I could not believe that they weren’t questioning this at all! :ohmy: Soon, they were all fast asleep and we were on our way. The kids slept well until we were in St. Augustine. DH and I had both stayed awake the whole time to help each other stay awake. We were in serious need of caffeine, and the GPS took us on a wild goose chase for a Starbucks. DD11 woke up during this detour and asked, “What’s up with the palm trees?” I told her I guessed that people just liked palm trees wherever we were and to go back to sleep. She did, but I thought she was very suspicious. No one woke up again until we hit the Orlando area–then both DD11 and DS both woke up. We went under a sign for Downtown Orlando and DS asked why we were in Florida. I told the kids to wake up their sister. It was still pretty dark outside, but DH grabbed the video camera and began to record the reveal of our trip. You can’t see much, but you can hear the conversation. I will try to figure out how to post it, but they were all just stunned really. There was no huge reaction to our announcement, but they were all excited to get a nice little kick off to their Christmas vacation.


When we arrived at Port Orleans Riverside, DH hopped out of the car to go check us in. It was about 7 a.m., and we have had rooms ready that early before, so I was hopeful that our room would be ready this time, but I had no expectations. I parked the car and waited to hear from DH. He texted me in a few minutes to say that our room WAS READY! I was THRILLED! We drove around to the Alligator Bayou, parked and unloaded the car with the kids’ help. DH and turned on the Disney Channel for the kids and laid down for a quick snooze. About 9 a.m., DH and I got up and had the kids brush their teeth and change their clothes, he and I did a quick freshening up and we scooted out the door to catch a boat to DTD. Here are some pictures:
This is a Hidden Mickey DD11 found in a rain puddle as we waited for our boat to DTD


After a fun outing at DTD, we took a bus to GF because I wanted the kids to see the giant gingerbread house. Here are few more pics:

The kids loved Genie in his Santa costume in the World of Disney

Kids were going strong after we left GF and DH is wiped out!

We took the bus back to DTD for dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express, then we took the boat back to our room at POR. We were all in the bed and asleep before 9 p.m. that night!:laugh:


I woke up bright and early at 5 a.m. on Saturday so that I could begin getting ready for HS EMH at 8 a.m. We were out the door and waiting for the bus by 7 a.m., and oh my goodness was it ever chilly! The skies were overcast and the wind was blowing. The temps were in the upper 30s and it just felt damp. We were off the bus at HS at 7:50. DH grabbed FPs for RnR and then we hit ToT with no wait at all! Literally walked right up and went into the library with absolutely no wait time. We were alone in the library for a few seconds and DS was beginning to get a little freaked out. Luckily, about 4 more guests joined us before they closed the doors and we enjoyed the ride. We went and checked out TSMM but the line was of course ridiculous and the FP lines were almost as bad. We told the kids we’d see about doing it later . . . this was a VERY quick 2 day trip after all, and they already knew that we were going to squeeze in what we could but we really wanted the kids to experience the Christmas feel of Disney trip. By this time our FPs for RnR were good, so we were off. DD6 is still too small for the ride, so we swapped off staying with her. Once we were done riding RnR, we grabbed a quick breakfast at Starring Rolls. Then we left to grab a boat to Epcot. Some pictures of this morning:


What a great Christmas surprise!! Can’t wait to see more!


How did you drive all night and then run around disney all day???:eek:

We would have needed the two days just to recover from the drive.:laugh:


Once in Epcot, we went to the Land to grab FPs for Soarin’. Something happened here that I found absolutely unbelievable. All of you know how nuts the crowds are at Soarin’s FP station, so we decided that it would be easiest for us to just stay together and all of us stand in line. We got in line behind a man who was alone. There were several other folks ahead of him, but that’s just expected–you wait in line for your FPs, right? Well, apparently not everyone believes in waiting their turn. Some lady and her son came up and slipped in front of us. DH commented quietly that he thought she was cutting in line. I said no, I thought she was with the man that was in front of us. Nope, DH was right–she handed her tickets to her son, and walked away to stand over to the side with the rest of her family.:ohmy::glare::angry: The man who was originally in front of us got his FPs and went on his way and the boy got FPs for his family.:glare: UNBELIEVABLE!! I kept trying to give the mom a skunk eye, but she wouldn’t even look at me! I was so mad!!:angry: So what was I going to do? Nothing! Who is going to say anything to a kid, and if DH and I said anything to his parents, what are we teaching our kids? We turned the other cheek, but boy it was tough for me. Again, unbelievable what those parents are teaching their sons!:angry:

The line for TT was looooonnnnggg so since none of us really like it, we hit World Showcase which was now open. The girls got to meet Mulan, who they say they hadn’t met before, but I disagree, Aurora, who has been met many times, and Marie, who none of us had met before. That was very exciting for the girls, DS was like WHATEVER!:laugh:

Pics of World Showcase:


It was the best gift I could have ever received! I’ve been reliving it since we got home, and I know my friends and family are so sick of hearing about it!:laugh:


[QUOTE=jo-jo;1009753]How did you drive all night and then run around disney all day???:eek:

We would have needed the two days just to recover from the drive.:laugh:[/QUOTE]

Jo-jo, we are a crazy bunch! We always go like that, and I don’t really know any other way to be. When I got home Tuesday morning, I called my best friend and was telling her about our trip, and she kept asking me how and why I was “so chipper!” :laugh: I’ve always had a lot of energy, and luckily I married a man who likes to go, go, go too. I guess that’s how we got kids who are full of energy!:laugh:


While the girls and I waited to meet Marie, DH and DS went to the UK pavilion for fish and chips. The girls and I went to Boulangerie Patisserie for quiche. We met the boys on a bench in France to share our lunches, and my quiche was fabulous! Yummo! While we were eating, Pere Noel came out to the little Christmas spot for his storytelling time. We were close enough that the kids could listen and enjoy while we ate. We cleaned up our trash and went to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus in the American Pavilion.

After seeing Santa, DH and I were ready for an adult beverage!:laugh:We went back to France for a Grand Marnier Orange Slush and a Grey Goose Slush. We enjoyed those as we made our way back around to use our Soarin’ FPs. We saw Alice in the UK–another character for the girls. After Soarin’ we took a quick swim with Nemo and then hopped the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.


I was amazed at the crowds in MK this evening. We knew when we arrived that we were pretty much just there for the fireworks. Any rides that we got in would be gravy, but we had already had an amazing day, and just days before we would have never dreamed that we would be standing in WDW anyway! It was all good. I don’t really remember what we did exactly this night. I know we waited a long time for Pirates, we got the kids supper from Casey’s, and we rode the Barnstormer. We also went through Minnie and Mickey’s houses while in Toon Town, and somehow I had a weird setting turned on on my camera. The pictures from Toon Town turned out kinda weird, but I’ll post them anyway. After leaving Toon Town, we went back to Main Street as Spectromagic was going through the park. We waited out the parade in some shops, and as soon as it was over, we staked out a spot by the big Christmas tree in the very front of the park. It turned out to be a wonderful spot for fireworks viewing, and it was pretty easy to duck out of the park as they ended. We approached our bus stop just as a bus was pulling up. There were about 5 other folks ahead of us, so we were able to get seats for the kids. DH and I stood so that other people with children could sit. We remember all too well how difficult it can be to stand on a bus at the end of a long day with tired babies in your arms. Here a few pictures of our time in MK Saturday evening:


The next day we were pretty tired, and didn’t get started quiet as early. We all got ready and had some breakfast at POR food court. We caught a bus to AK about 9 a.m. Once we were in the park, the kids and I went to Dinoland while DH got in the crazy line for EE FPs. We were able to take a spin on Triceratops Spin and DH met us when we hopped off the ride. We went over to Dinosaur, but they were having some trouble with the ride, and it was temporarily closed. The line for PW was ridiculous, so we went to ride KS in hopes that we’d see lots of animals since it was early. We rode in the back just as we had when we were there in August. :laugh: After KS, we were able to use our FPs, but DD6 is too small for EE, so again, we had to trade off waiting with her. She ate a frozen lemonade while we waited, which was kind of funny, because it was pretty cold all day that day–highs were only in the low 50s that day. She made me cold watching her eat it! I honestly, don’t remember much else about our AK time that day except that we had Yak and Yeti Honey Chicken after we rode EE and then went back to Dinosaur. I know we did several other things, but this trip was such a whirlwind, that it really has all blurred for me. Here are some AK pics:


When we wrapped up all we wanted to do AK, we left and made our way in a round about way to DTD so we could eat supper at Wolfgang Puck Express. We ended up having to eat outside because the inside was jam-packed. It was chilly, but we were fine. After dinner, we took a bus to GF and then the monorail to the MK. It was EMH until 2 a.m. and we knew we could get a lot of rides in! We were all excited! During a lot of our time there, Spectromagic and the Holiday fireworks that we had seen the night before were on, so we were able to walk right on rides like Peter Pan and Small World. We also rode HM, saw Philharmagic, rode Snow White, someone gave us their FPs for Pooh because they had decided to get their kids out of the chilly night, took a spin on BTMRR with almost no wait, and used a baby swap for Space Mountain (very exciting because it was under refurb on our trip in August). DD6 and I waited at the exit for SM for DH, DD11 and DS to ride SM. She was sooo tired. By that point it was after midnight. She was trying so hard to keep going, though. I felt so bad for her, and I said let’s go after everyone came off the ride. DH said no, go ride–you’ve got a baby swap. So, DD11, DS and I rode. I said then, let’s go–they are all tired! The kids said NOOO!! One more ride! So we practically walked onto Buzz, and we had a great time. That was our last ride for this trip. It was nearly 1 a.m. by that point. The kids were pooped! We took the bus to the room and the kids crashed in their beds. We knew that check out was the next day, but we didn’t set alarm clocks. We knew that we had until 11 a.m. and we wanted a little more DTD time the next morning.

Here are few MK pics:

You can see that even at 1 a.m. with no down time all day, my kids were still going strong enough to go to jail with Zurg for a minute. You know you can’t leave Buzz without a picture like this!:laugh:


I woke up about 8:30 the next morning, and the kids woke up shortly thereafter. DH had been up and down all night with a tummy ache. I walked down to the gift shop for some medicine for him and came back to find that all the kids had taken it upon themselves to get cleaned up and ready to go.:happy:DH and I got cleaned up and quickly grabbed up our luggage. DS helped DH load up the car and we said our goodbyes to POR. DH wanted the kids to have a good ending to the trip, so we went to DTD for just a little more Disney. I was able to sneak a few things that kids had said they liked for Christmas gifts, we grabbed a quick lunch at McDonald’s and we were on the road to Charlotte by 2:30. Since DH was not feeling well, I drove us all the way home. It wasn’t so bad since it wasn’t the middle of the night. We grabbed supper at a Chik Fil A in Columbia and the kids went to sleep. DH stayed awake until we were just outside of Charlotte. We live just north of Charlotte so I had about 45 minutes of driving without company. It was 11:30 p.m. when we arrived at home, and the kids fell into their beds happy and ready for the rest of their Christmas vacation knowing that nothing else would measure up to the fun they had just had!:laugh:


Cute pics! Wow, that is SOME ice cream Sundae!!!


aww that is awesome!!! glad you guys had a great time! and you jam packed your trip with sooo much stuff!


Fantastic Christmas present, Melissa.


Sounds like you had a wonderful time…You sure did pack a lot into two days.


What a great Christmas present, you have a wonderful husband.


I got a little taste, and it was delicious!

We always try to pack in as much as humanly possible, whether it’s 2 days or 12 days. One of these days I’m going to learn to slow down, but until then we’ll just keep wearing ourselves out. :laugh:

It was a great gift, and DH is fabulous! He just got back from getting my car cleaned and new battery put in it so we can travel to visit more family for the holiday this weekend.:happy: