Miniature Golf , anyone?


I told myself the past two times I went to disneyworld that I would try one of the putt putt golf courses and never did. Has anyone here actually tried it ? Is it a “must do” , or could I find something more entetaining to do with 2 hours ? :ph34r:


We always do it, one night each trip. We usually do the fairway course.


i’ve been to both winter-summerland and to the fantasia courses. I don’t think that it’s something that “must” be done but it’s a nice break away from the parks. (we played when we had ap’s and we only had to pay 1/2 price with our discount–I wouldn’t have paid full price to play though)


The main reason I havent done it, is the pain in the neck to get there using the buses. From coronado springs, and carribean beach you have to go to downtown disney,then ride to the swan, then walk to the courses. Depending on the wait time at the bus stops…all together its nearly an hour travel time. So we just never talked ourselves into doing it.


Granted, Disney’s courses are top-notch, but I dont think its a must do. I enjoy minature golf, but if I only go to go to Disney once a year, I would not take the time out to do it. I think there’s better stuff out there! Just my opinion of course!


We often have a couple of hours of mini-golf. It’s a nice break from the parks. Our favourite is Fantasia. We did Winter/Summerland a couple of years ago, but didn’t like it as much. Definitely not a “must do” - but it’s fun now and then. Having a rental car does help.


Isn’t there one right next to blizzard beach? Couldn’t you take a bus there and walk to it? Never been myself . . . but each time we drive by, we say . . . “Maybe one day!” :laugh:


Yup!! That’s Winter-summerland!! And you definetely could take the bus to BB and play there!!


I just got back from my trip and we actually played Miniature Golf this time! We played at Winter-Summerland. The kids LOVED it!!! And since it was just about the Christmas Season, it was awesome to see all the decorations and hear the Christmas music playing. We played on the Winter Course and had a BLAST!

Winter Summerland is adjacent to BB. You can just take a bus to BB! You can even park in BB’s parking lot and walk there.

Not a MUST do, but if you have a few hours to kill and you aren’t going to the parks, GO FOR IT!!! The kids each got a handful of candy canes each, we all got golf balls and we even got about 6 mini sharpie pens in various colors. FUN!!! :happy:


We play at least once per trip - usually winter/summerland. Last time, they told us that they had selected a “secret” hole in one hole and to show the desk our score card at the end. Sure enough, both my son and I had a hole-in-one on the secret hole. So we got two rounds for the price of one.


There is actually one right across the street from Coronado Springs Resort, it’s next to Blizzard Beach.


I’ve only done mini golf once at WDW and that was at Winter-Summerland. It’s really cute & a lot of fun for a little while. Definately not a ‘must do’ for us but it was something to experience once. Never been to the Fantasia one though.

Here is a link with information/pics from the Winter Summerland mini golf:
Winter Summerland MiniGolf

This is a link to the Fantasia one, doesn’t look as exciting to me though. :laugh:
Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf


We played the Winter Summerland for the first time last trip and we loved it!! It’s a nice break from the parks and everyone had a good time, it’ll definatly be on our must do list for upcoming trips!


We’ve done both courses. As previously stated, not a “must do” but alot of fun. We preferred Winter/Summerland. I really think why “the rest” enjoy it is because mom isn’t very cooridinated and it makes for funny video. I keep them around, why??:dry:


I’ve wanted to go our last couple of trips, but one thing or another has come up and we haven’t had the chance. I’m really hoping to go on our next trip. I think the boys would probably prefer Winter/Summerland since they both love Christmas.


Isaiah –
We played at Fantasia this Christmas, and we learned an important lesson! There are two courses here – one is the usual sort of minigolf with the characters and goofy holes and all that. The other is a course desinged to look like a real golf course. We chose the latter, and the guy said we were really brave. We all chuckled, but when we got to the first tee box, WOW! It is HARD. It was REALLY HARD. Adn the holes got progressively harder. It got to the point that we were laughing at how frustrating it was, and on plenty of holes, we were just sort of rolling the ball over toward the hole and calling it a day. I am not saying it wasn’t fun, but, well, it wasn’t… fun.

Meanwhile, over at the other side, families were whoooping it up and laughing and having a great time. We could hear them cheering on the young kids and the adults were hamming it up for the toddlers, and it was just so great-looking. DD and I in particular were wishing we were on that side!

When we left Fantasia, they gave each of us a Fantasia golf ball, which was a nice souvenir!

If you are relying on Disney transportation, you should do the Winter Summerland course by BB – it has all the cool minigolf holes and it’s very fun!