Miniature Golf at WDW


Hey members!
Which do you like better–Fantasia or WinterSummerland?


I have never been to Fantasia, but I have been to Winter Summerland. We had a blast there! We chose the WINTERLAND Course and the kids absolutely loved it.


I usually play at Winter Summerland. I have been to Fantasia Gardens which is where I am going to play at in September. The cool part about Fantasia Gardens is the course that is like an actual golf course but the size of a regular putt putt course. When my parents used to take me there I thought it was too hard. Now that I am older I am up for the challenge and cannot wait to go back.

They both have special features that make each unique and fun.

I would say no matter which place you choose you are sure to have a blast!


Thanks for the info! Is it better to go in the morning (yawn) or in the evening?


What is the different themes for both? I’ve never been but thinking of checking it out in Sept


WinterSummerland is supposed to be easier than Fantasia. In fact, as I recall, all of Fantasia’s holes were Par 5 while I know WinterSummerland’s courses are Par 3.
I know the Fantasia course we played (both clubs have two courses) was really hard.
WinterSummerland is themed to blend with Blizzard Beach and is where Santa supposedly goes for his vacation. I seem to recall Fantasia being themed mostly to Alice in Wonderland.


Crazy enough … We have never been to any of the Putt Putt parks , We always drive by the one located by Blizzard Beach but have never stopped in. This might be a break for something different next time there, Loved playing Putt Putt golf growning up … and reciting all those lines from “CaddyShack”!!!


Found this old post and was wondering if anyone has any newer info on which mini golf course to visit for 1st timers?


We are going after Thanksgivng, this might be a good thing for our off day from the parks.


We LOVE Fantasia! We’ve done Winter/Summerland and it was fun too; but we personally perfer Fantasia.


WinterSummerLand is easier for kids and Fantasia is definitely challenging for adults.


Fantasia for us. There are 2 18 hole areas. One themed towards Fantasia and another more open design. We do the heavily themed area every trip. It’s a DW demand.:laugh:


Wintersummerland is fantastic! We had a great afternoon here and loved every minute of it! Definatly worth doing! Not so keen on fantasia ourselves but everyone is different!


we did both of the Wintersummerland courses and had lots of fun!!! We might have to give Fantasia a try next time


We like winter summer land.


Both are fun but the kids liked WinterSumerland the best. More heavily themed esp in the early evening when the Christmas lights are on.


We prefer Wintersummerland too.


Actually this is something my kids look forward to everytime we go to WDW. We always choose Winter Summerland and switch up the courses. This is nice to wind down an evening.


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