Minigolf at Fantasia Gardens


I was thinking about it this morning – first, it is so creative (think about the creative hints at the tee boxes and the unique musical or water holes!), but also the same CMs have been working the desk for ages, and they remember us and our kids from earlier trips! Being greeted by people who remember you is so unexpected and so warm. That is the coolest thing EVER and makes a fun evening even more special.
Thought it was a good time to link this review of the course. I love the mushroom hole!!!:
Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf


Baloo and I did Fantasia Gardens a few years ago - it was so much fun! That’s so cool that the CMs recognize you when you go. :heart:


Fantaisa is a must do stop for us every trip. Pam loves the theming. Don’t know why we never head across the park to the other course.


We’re just the opposite. We’d done the Famtasia course many years ago but the kids always want the Summer-Winter one. A little corney to me but they enjoy it. I only watch at either so I leave it up to them to decide.


I’ve only played the Fantasia one once but loved it…it’s a little difficult to get to the mini courses if you don’t have a car…like swimming in the pools, we don’t want to take the time out of park hopping to do this…I’m sure if we stayed nearby we would play this each visit…


I have the feeling that these gentlemen remember lots of people. They just seem like the kind of guys who enjoy meeting everyone and becoming quick friends as soon as they meet you! :happy:


Oh, it’s all out between Pam and me. I only won by a stroke this past time. I got real lucky on one of the lst holes with the ball bouncing around on a hope and prayer shot.:laugh:


One thing to keep in mind is that the courses at Fantasia Gardens are very much harder than WinterSummerland’s.


We love Fantasia! We’ve had some of our best Disney times there. I don’t know how many pictures I have of the girls in the ballerina hippo pose. Plus, I’m really good an miniature golf and it drives dh crazy. I only wish it had a little shade. We did Winter/Summerland once - but it was so hot I was more concerned that one of us was going to pass out. Plus - I don’t see any novelty in “snow” - we didn’t like it much. Fantasia is our home course.:happy:


Atta girl! LOL :laugh:


I honestly can’t remember the last time I saw real live snow.
I’m not sure if it was DC in 93 or Finland in 88.
The only way I can experience wintertime temps is to walk into a large commercial freezer.

By the way, there’s much more tree shade at WinterSummerland than at Fantasia. In ways, Fantasia Gardens reminds me of the minigolf courses you find in Myrtle Beach and other beach tourist areas. Landscaped and themed and not a single tree over 6 feet tall.