Minimum number of days for MYM for 2007 changed


I was checking some prices for next year on the disney site and if staying 4 days or more the minimum MYM ticket lenght was 3 days!:ohmy:

No more satying for a week and getting 1 day ticket to get the dining plan for the whole week. This will have more effect for those that have an AP.

At least I can get 1 one day ticket for december (I’ve still got 5 day tickets - uk ones - that I must use this year or lose them).


Thassnotcoo’ :angry:


Im so not liking all of the “great changes” that they seem to be offering. I wonder if they have moles on sites like this to monitor and watch and read what tips we all give eachother so they can change them to their benefit!


I’m almost sure they do. Crummy moles.


It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Disney had a department whose sole job would be to scour the internet for all the unofficial Disney websites and monitor them for whatever the people out there were saying.


The answer to that is YES, they do read all of the message boards.


so lets hear it… fess up! Who is the MOLE!!! I can see an awfull lot of accusations going around now!


Whoever it is - they better get the hint, that these changes aren’t going to go over well.



That is pretty stinky…I’m curious to hear offically what all the big changes are…


That’s just Poop! :mad:


I just priced out a few different options for different dates and resorts, and had no problem doing just a 1 day park pass. I checked through the WDW site as well, and had no problem. Let me know what you are trying. Check it again, the site may have been updated.

From what I have seen, all of the changes for 2007 have been needed, and are good changes. They just need to get a longer pass for stays longer than 10 nights though. The prices for the dining package didn’t increase, so that is nice. I haven’t seen any official information about restaurant changes yet, I will try to post those as soon as I can.


well u guys, its a buisness, they gotta do wha tehy need to do to keep afloat, but maybe it will change soon because their crowd amount is increasing largly


Yesterday I saw on the WDW site the 2007 dining plan and most of the WS places were gone.


Micky rocks! Please do tell us when you hear what all of the “official” changes are-


I bet it’s not a mole at all. It’s that dang Yahoo! Slurp Spider.

I don’t want to say too much about the pricing, because it is a business after all, but I’m not sure it was part of Walt’s vision for a family to go broke and into debt visiting WDW.


Thanks Ingamba- you are right and that was put nicely- I understand that its a business but I must say that a lot of price increases make it less magical for us as we will be stressing about where we will live when we are done selling the house to pay for the trip…


I just tried again, and you are right. It must have been a gliche in the system and they have fixed it. I originally tried staying at Pop in dec 2007 for 7 days and the Poly in July concierge room for 10 days


See they likie to make up new programs and then when people figure how to use them to the best of their advantage, they change them again. I don’t think it’s right either. We are only getting the most for our money and they do get a lot of our money…lol


its sad too because its all of the tricks and tips that make it affordable for us to go- and each time they change it to not work anymore it feels like they dont want me there… Im sure that its not just me either. But my husband said last night that if it were not for my participation here that I would not know about the 180 day rule or any of the other tips I know- if it were not for this board I would not know about the whoop dee doo and the princess pirate party and so on… ignorance is bliss and Im frustrated for being up on it all. I might just leave some of this trip to chance and fate- the planning is making me upset


I don’t think that is true. I spoke to a very knowledgeable CM tonight (it only took 3 phone calls today to find a CM that knew what they were talking about!!!:blink: ) and I was pricing out a stay with 2 resorts and she suggested and priced out a 3 night stay with 8 day hoppers and a 6 night stay with 1 day hopper - so we can have the dining plan for all 9 nights.

She did also confirm the new 2007 dining plan list and confirmed the restaurants that are no longer participating.

So good news for you AP holders!!