Minnie @ Chef Mickey's - Breakfast or Dinner?


Hi! We will be at WDW for a week and plan to eat at Chef Mickey’s for one of our Dining Plan TS meals. Is Minnie ever there? I believe I heard she was there for one of the meals but not both. Can anyone help? Also, does she appear at any other character meals other than LTT? Thanks.


We have seen Minnie at Chef Mickey’s every time we have been there–both breakfast and dinner.

We have also met Minnie at Cape May Buffet for that character breakfast.


Yes, she and her main Mouse are a sure bet at Chef Mickey’s!


Like both DT and doughnut said, she is there for both meals. I have never not seen her at Chef mickey’s.


We went for breakfast last trip and she was there. DS (he was 4 at the time) kissed the back of her hand…Minnie “blushed” and made such a fuss over him! We ended up with the best picture of her kissing the top of his head. One of our favorite Disney memories!
We’ll be back at Chef Mickey’s in ONE WEEK! YIPPEE!!!


She gave me a kiss at Breakfast in Dec 2005… :biggrin:


She is such a floosey!!! :glare: She would not keep her hands off DH at both Chef Mickey’s for Breakfast and Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner. You got to watch that mouse. :tongue:


Same with my DH, she really liked him and flirted with him to no end. The guy at the next table was getting pretty jealous since she had flirted with him her last trip around.


Here she is at Chef Mickey’s. :smile:


Here she is at Liberty Tree Tavern. :smile:


I have a photo of Minnie and I at Chef Mickeys, she’s there!


Notice in this pic that she isn’t giving the kiss… :biggrin:


That’s because Mickey was close by. :wink:


That hussy!!!(LOL)


hee hee what a naughtly little mouse! Love the pics R2G!


Here’s my Minnie pic…Notice SHE is kissing ME in my pic… :laugh:


so cute!!!

ahhh I think I’ve been on DC too long today, I WANT TO GO NOOOW!!!


Just take a look at my avatar - it’s from 3 years ago, but I have the same picture from last August too. DO you think Mickey could really serve that big a meal without help from Minnie?


we have eaten at CM a few times now ( infact we only went there for the first time on our last vacation! We loved it so much we ate there at least 5 times in the 2 weeks duration! ) Each time we met Minnie ~ both breakfast and Dinner.
We also met Minnie during the character breakfast at Ohana but I am not sure if she is still there. I know a little while ago they were doing a ‘shimmy’ of the characters here in favour of my mate Stitch but I cannot remember if this indeed has happened or who is now there.