Minnie Mouse Pin Lost


I bought my wife a Minnie Mouse pin last week at WDW. Unfortunately, she lost it. We realized it was gone on our way out of the Caribbean Beach Resort. We even re-traced our steps from the bus stop to the check out desk. She was heart broken b/c this was her very first pin & to top it all off-we were leaving to come back home. The pin is Minnie Mouse dressed all in red, striking a “flirt” pose with her hands clasped in front of her. If anyone knows where I could find a replacement pin for her, I would be sincerely grateful.


Have you looked on ebay?


Not yet. The Orlando Airport Disney Store told us to look online. But I have just started my search now.


If you can not find it on Ebay, we will be there in 22 days. Would be happy to try and find it in WDW and send it to you.


Thank you for that, I will let you know.