Minnie's Bakery Cupcake Mix


I’m not usually one to rave about stuff, but a friend of my daughter brought her back Minnie’s Bakery Cupcake Mix from WDW. We made them today - and OH MY GOODNESS! These are the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted. I rarely use mixes for anything, but these cupcakes are better than any baked from scratch cupcake I’ve ever made! I can’t describe how light they are. We had the vanilla ones - they melted in your mouth! Just delicious! So - if you’re looking for a good gift to bring back for someone - or for yourself - pick up a few.


Thanks, will do :cool:


Where did she get them? I haven’t seen that before.


Are they dry ingredients only – would they make nice gifts?


Thanks for the heads up, I’m going to pick up a couple of boxes this summer.


You can get them in the kitchenwares shop in the Marketplace (the one attached to Earl of Sandwich - don’t remember the name), or the little shop just outside the Haunted Mansion (Yankee Traders?). Probably have them in the World of Disney or MouseGear too.


It’s the dry ingredients for the cupcakes and the frosting and it comes all packaged in a little red polka-dot shopping bag. It’s a perfect little gift. I feel a little silly raving about a cupcake - but they are that good!


It’s always nice to find a really unique gift from the parks, and this sounds like a really good one!


ooo now I’m craving cupcakes… :slight_smile: I had no idea the mix would be that good! I figured it was meant more for the cute packaging than the actual flavor of the cupcakes. I’m definitely going to pick one up next time I’m there! It would be so fun to make up a batch of Minnie’s cupcakes as a little pick-me-up when I’m missing my second home. :mickey:


I had no idea they were that good…now I really want to try them! It is a great gift idea…I will try to remember it!


I know one thing the dog sitter is getting this summer!


That shop is one of my favorite! I will have to check it out!