Minnie's personal shopper


If anyone is taking a trip to Disney world well then check out a follow my wife’s page “Minnie’s personal shopper”. She provides service such as grocery delivery and gift bag delivery all to your hotel or resort. Even for those of you who just love Disney merchandise she will be posting some pics soon of merchandise from the Disney parks. She does not mark up any product but just adds a service fee. So if there is ever anything that you forgot that you would love from any WDW parks store just contact her and she will take care of you.

Follow her on her page https://www.facebook.com/minniespersonalshoppers?fref=ts


Good luck with your new business endevour!


You mean grocery shopping like WeGoShop?


It is the same idea as that but since we are in the Orlando area she would mainly be focusing on delivering to the Disney resorts and also nearby hotels.


Good luck! My wife uses a personal shopper all the time. She much prefers something like a personal shopper vs. ordering online. This way the personal shopper will pick out the best looking item available and not just the luck of the draw.

For example, when buying a Vera Bradley purse, they can make sure the pattern has everything in the right place. There are some particular people out there who want everything just right when they buy merchandise.

I will keep this information. There is a good chance we will use your services.


I’ll like her page and remember her for our next Disney trip!


Sorry, I guess the others places are more widespread. I was only thinking disney trips.


I will keep her info and have my oldest go on her page the next time we go (I don’the have a Facebook page) this would save us some time.


Thank you everyone. Just let here know especially since the food and wine merchandise is coming out soon as well as the Halloween stuff. Keep and eye on here page if you can she post merchandise all the time.


I will have to remember this especially when it comes to special products such as the popcorn containers, special park products and such. And Good luck with this niche market if you do it right I think it will be a big success for you.


Thank you for that and if you haven’t done so already follow her on Facebook so you can see the products she post. You can alway request certain things too.

Also right now till the end of Friday she has a Disney gift bag she is giving out with WDW popcorn. All you have to do is follow and share the post for others to do the same.