Miss Caisley is having a Minnie Mouse Bday Party


next weekend!

Here are her invites! I made them myself! So cute!!

Springtime Minnie is the ‘theme’ - her cake will match!

Aren’t they cute?

I’m so excited!! Oh, I meant - SHE is SO excited!


Aww, that invitation is so adorable! Caisley is a lucky girl!


OMG Erin!!! The invitations are GORGEOUS!!! You are so talented - they really came out beautiful! :heart: :heart: :heart:


How pretty! Ms. Caisley is lucky to have such a great mom.

What time should we be there? :wink: :eek:


2 PM, sharp! ;c)

Thanks, y’all! As Alicefan knows, I really stressed about these invites! :c)

I’m so glad they turned out!


Erin, those are wonderful! I love the font that you used! How creative!

We’ll see you next weekend at two o’clock! :wink:

Hope you all have a great time!


Erin those are beautiful!! I’m sure Caisley and her guests will have a great time! My mom had a Minnie Mouse party for me too. Oh, back in the 80’s. :laugh:

Hope all goes well!


Erin the invitations are beautiful, Caisley’s a lucky little girl.


Those are beautiful, Erin. You are a great mom, Caisley is one lucky girl.



Very cute Erin!!


Those are great!! Have fun!


Erin, you are so artistic and talented! Have a wonderful party!


Awww, Thanks for all the compliments!! It’s really just 4 circles, LOL!

We had a BLAST making them, and we’re having lotsa fun planning the party.

So, anyone in my neck of the woods (hah!) I’ll see ya at 2! :wink:


I may be a little late! I think I’m about two gazzion minutes away still, but please save me a piece of cake!


Those are adorable Erin!

Give Miss Caisley hugs and kisses from me for her birthday! I know it will be a huge success! :heart:


Cute invites! I just started planning a Minnie themed 1st B-Day bash for my little Natalie. I may be stealing your ideas! :happy:


PRECIOUS!!! You did a great job! I love the vellum overlay - I made some bridal shower invitations like that one time…but your Minnie’s are MUCH cuter!


That vellum is too cool - it has pixie dust in it :wink: Little sparkles…too cute.

We’re having a big Minnie Cake made (our cake lady is the best), and we’re playing at the park. Bubbles, balls, and other outside spring stuff.

THe goodie bags are purple, and I put Mickey ears on them, too. I went and raided our Disney store, and got Disney stickers and hair barretts, plus each baby will go home with a ball and bubbles that they played with during the party.

We’ll have cake and icecream, soda and juice, Spinache dip in the bread bowl (SO good), these nathan’s hotdog thingies I make…I think that’s it.


I hope it doesn’t rain!

Oh! And I will be playing our Disney music CD! I have playhouse Disney music, and the “Where The Magic Lives” CD. :happy:

So, picture five 2 year olds running around! LOL!


Oh Erin … I wish I could come …girl you are so talented!!! that invitation is just the most darling thing!!!


Oh! I ordered these candy wrappers that say Happy Birthday Caisley with Mickey mouse on them! I wrap them around the small sized hersheys’ bars! I forgot about those!

TOo cool!