MissDisney, how can you even stand


WAITING another second!??!

How long until you leave?? 2 days?

Are you packed??

What are you looking foward to the most?!


I’ll miss you! But, I’m so excited for you to go! Please PM me your cell, maybe I can hook up witchya!


ooooh!!! how exciting! (you had better not be on DC right now because you are packing) LOL!


She must be packing, she sure isn’t here. :pirate:


NO NO NO! No such luck!!! I don’t leave until the morning of the 20th!!! I have to wait almost two full weeks, and YES it is very, vey hard already! I am packed, I have the PS’s, the traveler’s checks, the ponchos (ther eis rain in the forecast), the lanyards, everything!!! It’s all in order and ready to go!

I am waking up at night, thinking about it and then I can’t fall asleep anymore for therest of the night!

I keep making lists of the things we have never done before, and all the new things, and what YOUR favorite things are and all that jazz!!! I want to experience all the stuff that are your beloved WDW things!!!

How am I ever gonna make it???


I would be on the EDGE of my seat by now if I was you, get on top of those FINAL planning steps!!!


ooooh OUCH 2 more weeks…waahhhhh tee hee
Thats great you’re all ready now! Nothing left to now but OBSESS!!!


Great news! We cleaned out all our jars of loose change, the coins we found at the bottom of drawers, under cushions, lost in the washing machine, the car floors, etc… It turned out to be a huge pile!!! We ended up having over $290 dollars! I took it to the bank and cashed it in toward our trip fund!!! Yay!


Wow! That’s a lot of beer!:biggrin:


Have a magical trip miss disney!!! :wub: