MissDisney's Trip Report: "Where IS Everyone?"


Hi Everybody! I missed you guys!!!

We just walked in the door to our freezing cold house about an hour ago… and so I am heading into the shower and then to bed. But I wanted to give everyone a little teaser before I really write tomorrow!.. :cool:

My TR is going to be titled “Where IS Everyone???” because we pretty much had the parks to ourselves the whole week, with no waits, no need for PSs, no crowds, and all that cool kind of stuff, even though it was a holiday week and the weather was incredible??? HUH? We kept waiting for the masses to show up, but they never, ever did!!! :biggrin:

Good news: I got the new DC autograph book to darling Gingita, so everyone needs to go sign it! :tongue:

Bad news: Mousekeeping (or some thief!) stole the infamous Doughnut Pressed Penny!!! :dry:

Best news: This was our best trip ever! :heart: :heart: :heart:


I’m glad you had a great time and lucky for the dead lines!!! Can’t wait to hear all the details! Have a nice sleep!


Wow! It sounds like a wonderful trip. No crowds? You are so lucky! I’m sorry about the pressed penny, I was hoping it would still be there.


Welcome back! Can’t wait to hear the rest.


yay miss D!!!
Welcome home :crying: can’t wait for the real TR!!! :mickey:


Don’t go to bed! It’s only 5 pm! Oh wait, is that just here?


Welcome home MissDis! Oh, I hope you get up early and write that TR! I’m on CA time and I’d love to plant myslef here with a big cup of coffee and a great TR from you :happy:

But, no pressure :ninja:


MisDis… I’m glad you’re home safe…

With that said, :angry: :mad: :angry: YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE WITH ME… :angry: :mad: :angry:


Hey Daisy, what’s a myslef? :tongue:


yeah…I work at noon (-8 GMT) so I hope you write it early enough that I can read before I head out! hee hee hee

(I love ho wmuch pressure everyone here gives the poor folkes returning from Disney to get their TRs out!) :wub:


It’s, um, a, um…a shrub, yeah, a shrub and I’m gonna plant it tomorrow. Yeah, that’s it, as I read MissD’s TR I’m planting the rare myslef flowering shrub.

Hey–LOOK! It’s Mickey Mouse ------------------------------> :mickey:

:tongue: :wub:


LOL we practically walked right on to everything (except soarin’ :slight_smile: even EE!!! ill help add to the TR tomorrow!!!


Ooooh, no people! Sounds like a PERFECT trip!


whaddaya mean “taking a shower and going to bed”?
Now I have to come back again to this place tomorrow morning? That’s so much to ask :biggrin:
Glad you’re home and that the trip was the best ever !


No, No bed. Must type!
Welcome home I can not wait to hear all about the empty parks.


I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait! I can’t wait!


Day 1, or “Crying. It’s a Good Thing”

We woke up in New Jersey at 4:45 a.m. and it was our usual 19 degrees here… kids LOVE to be out in 19-degree weather in the dark!?! But they were mollified when our limo pulled up – a huge white stretch with dancing blue lights inside! In NJ, you check in at the curb, and so we were getting colder by the minute.

Cut to our landing at Orlando :cool: , where we were greeted by 80 degrees, palms trees and that super-cool monorail that takes you to your bags! I usually start crying about the time I see the monorail, and this time was no exception.

We got to our hotel, Vistana Resort, which refused to let us into a room before 1 p.m., so we drove to the Gooding’s grocery store for our obligatory loaf of Rainbow-colored bread, and we ate at a tropical restaurant called Pebbles, which was a nice way to start the trip. Good fruity cocktails and a nice flatbread pizza!

Once Vistana finally parted with keys to a room, we could finally get over to WDW… Cried again when we saw the welcome gates and all those purple street signs. By now, I am sweating bullets about how crowded WDW will be at 2 p.m. as we valet park the rental at Boardwalk.

What is it about Boardwalk that is so incredible? Man, I love that place. By now, we are running for the International Gateway entrance, no doubt trying to beat ANYBODY to any line, anywhere.

But guess what? The park was empty! We rode Test Track, Mission Space and Spaceship Earth (which DH finally admitted was his favorite place to nap!) before moseying over to check out the new Club Cool, which is lovely. I was very sad that they took away my favorite soda, which was Lychee Mello. But all the rest are still there, including Beverly for the many of you who love it so much!

Dinner was at Tempura Kiku, which is the little sushi bar outside the Teppanyaki restaurant. It is so good, especially the yellowtail and tuna! When we came out, the torches were lit, and I teared up again. By now, DH is likely pretending to be with other people who aren’t crying all the time.

We practically crawled back to the Boardwalk and drove home (too bad we couldn’t fork over the huge dollars to stay in the BW Villas!) and fell asleep after a perfect first day!


Day 2, or “How Much Fun Without Your Husband!”

Let me explain the title here. Yes, I love him to bits, but DH is a golfer, through and through. So if I work in golf days for him throughout our WDW week, he anjoys the parks so much more… (read: WE enjoy the parks so much more!)

OK, we drop DH off at Osprey Ridge Golf Course (just past POR) nad the kids and I head over to MK. I buy each of them a Dining and Shopping Gift Card form the Emporium first. It really ended the “Mom can I…” thing. Everyone should do this for teens :tongue: !

We headed over to Adventureland, but Gingita was nowhere to be found. So we ride Pirates of the Caribbean twice… no lines! Once, we were behind a family with a little 3-year-old (or so) girl, who was really scared in the line. The dad was such a jerk: “Do you want me to take you home right now???” And she replied tearfully, “Yes Daddy please!” But he refused to get out of the line and forced her onto the boat, where she cried the whole time! Grrr…

Also no lines at Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road… Again, WHERE IS EVERYONE?" We had the place to ourselves! We laughed like a bunch of hyenas on BTMRR. A whole bunch of high school-aged kids were getting off BTMRR as we were boarding, and they had all filled up cups from the water fountains in the line and they tried to ride the coaster without spilling! They were having a great time. And no, none of them were able to make the loop with a full cup!

We had a GREAT chicken wrap at Pecos Bill’s with plenty of the sauteed mushrooms added on top…

Then on to Haunted Mansion, which we love, and a new attraction for us, Mickey’s Philharmagic! Wow, what a great movie!!! We walked out with huge smiles on our faces, and all the little kids were even happier! This is a great addition to MK!

Later that night, we got to MGM and rode Star Tours (again, nobody in the line!), and ate at Hollywood & Vine on the Fantasmic! package. The endive salad is sooooo good there! Then we hit the early show of Fantasmic! which was terrific! We were in teh first couple of rows, so we got completely soaked!

And then a quick Great Movie Ride before heading home!


Day 3, or “How Wet Can We Get?”

We spent this entire day at Blizzard Beach (again, no lines except to get into the lazy river) and then we made our way over to Wilderness Lodge for dinner at Artist’s Point, where our CM Osiris was a terrific waitress. The kids ordered a Mickey Puzzle for dessert, which is a white chocolate cookie cut into puzzle pieces that they can put together and then paint with edible paints! FUN!

Tip: We ordered a bottle of wine, which was great, but we had a bunch left over. You can ask them to wrap up the leftover wine and put it in a sealed bag to take home!


Day 4, or “When Is a Spa NOT Relaxing?”

OK, we sent DH and DS over to Eagle Pines Golf Course for the day, and DD and I went to the Mandara Spa at the Dolphin Hotel. OK, now let me set this up: I get manicures and pedicures sometimes. They usually run about $30 for both, and so I was planning on playing — aw, heck, even double it – how about $120, tip included, for me a DD to get mother/daughter manicures and pedicures.

Well, we had our hands and feet done, very pleasant services but nothing special… Then when it was time to pay, the CM said, “That will be $227 dollars!” :eek: She started talking to me about the tips and all that, but I couldn’t even hear what she was saying because I was in shock!!! OMG!!! BEWARE of the services at this spa!!!

We paid our enormous bill and skulked out, where we shared a burder at Big River Grille and then picked up the golfers. If my husband ever reads this, you may not hear from MissDis for awhile!