Missing Disney


I am not sure what is going on with me. We have always gone to Disney once a year since we started going years ago. Ever since we took the plunge and bought into DVC I have been really wanting to go back to Disney sooner than Christmas.

A friend of ours bought season passes. Their DD who is my DD’s best friend joined us on our Christmas trip. She had just gone in September when we had Ike hit. They are going again for Spring Break. DD was invited, but the airfare was just too high for us–especially since we had just closed on our DVC points. When I learned of their Spring Break trip, I started looking at what it would cost us to go again for a brief moment before reality set in.

Then, when our friend invited DD to go with them this summer for yet another trip. I really wanted to go back too. Again, I started looking and with all the great deals it would not cost too much, but when you add the cost of airfare for 4 to the room and season passes that we would need to purchase since we’ll be there for Christmas again, it is quite a bit of money. I know that it really isn’t smart especially since I will still be taking classes until July. I will be graduating with my Master’s in Counseling and hopefully starting a new career. Not the best time to take off and go to Disney, but I am so wanting to go back.

I am not really sure why I want to go back so soon since I know that we go every Christmas, but I just can’t help myself! I WANT TO GO BACK!!!


I think you feel the same way as the rest of us.


I’m also missing Disney, we went 4 times last year and I got spoiled. I booked a week at BCV and switched to Hilton Head Island at 7 months out. I was quietly hoping that we wouldn’t be able to get a 2 bedroom but it was available and booked like planned. I just can’t help thinking that I would be 90 days from another WDW trip. Don’t get me wrong, I want to go to HHI and we’re going to have a relaxing vacation, I just miss my Disney.