Missing link... HA!


Missing link… if you only knew… :laugh:

ANYWAY… I thought I had seen on here a few weeks/months ago a thread that included a link regarding when the big groups are in town, historically. I think I remember reading it January, February (isn’t that when the infamous purple people or blue backpack people swarmed?). I did a couple of searches and wasn’t able to come up with anything and when I searched by “cheerleader”! :ohmy:

Can anyone help me? I checked the disney site under special events and that doesn’t list it either. Any help is, of course, greatly appreciated… THANKS!



oh please don’t scare me like that. My trip is late January early February. I don’t need purple or blue aggrevation :crying:


I remember Kim’s TR in early February had infestation of the blue backpack people. I think she left for WDW on Super Bowl Sunday…so whenever that was this year. Who knows…maybe they all came this year?!? :laugh:


SO long as it is not in September. Is it?


what are the blue backpack people? I must have missed that thread entirely!


Cheerleaders from other countries . . . in Jan/Feb there are lots of them . . . mostly at the Studios!


That was February 3rd. I might get lucky leaving WDW on the 29th to go cruising. I have high hopes. Send pixie dust:blush: