Missing school for WDW


I can’t find the old thread but I wanted to give an UPDATE for all of you who responded to my concern about my 7th grade daughter and all the homework and laptop she was going to be required to bring with us to Disney…Well, I worked it all out with the school.She’s got some worksheets to bring with her. She won’t have to bring books or a laptop. She will have some work when she gets back but mostly reading.:wub::wub:The best homework assignment she got was from her science teacher. She created a 5 page package that she calls “The Disney Vacation Packet”. There’s a s Scavenger Hunt page that has a list of 20 things to find including “Where does Tinker Bell Fly out from”? and “What ride has a fifty foot drop”? She has one part that says, "Upon entering any Disney Park, stop right before the gate & count how many people enter over a 5 min period. Multiply that using the park hrs and the number of gates that are open…She’s now very excited! We will have a wonderful trip in 7 days!!!


She must have a really great teacher! I know sometimes middle and high school teachers can get so busy with all their students time is precious! The fact that she sat down and created that is awesome.


Yeah, I’m actually impressed by it. It’s really interesting the things she came up with for things to look for in Epcot, the airplane ride, and she has to ask strangers (with mom’s supervision) How many times have you been to WDW? Are you enjoying your trip? What state are you from?"


Her math teacher must be a Disney fan to think of that.


And who isn’t a Disney Fan?


Science teachers are cool!:ph34r:


yes we are :laugh:


I am assuming that you are flying… but if you can, play the license plate game. We played it on a trip from Atlanta to South Carolina-with my 6yo son. He loved it. We saw two license plates there from Alaska… We could not believe it… any other time we would not have noticed…


You are about to make family memories that will last a lifetime! Congrats!


Wow, that is some teacher. I am very impressed with her. She must be a Disney freak too. LOL That is great news for your daughter. Have a Wonderful Trip!


ohh!! that’s great!

so glad it worked out for the BEST!!


I agree 100%…science teachers are cool!!!



Wow, that really is cool! I’ll have to remember this story when DD’s are older and our teachers give me flack about taking them out, LOL!


My son was in 3rd grade when we went last time, his teacher wanted him to keep a simple journal and what he did daily.

We gave him a disposable camera and he made a mini scrapbook. Each day he wrote in a notebook about the day and all he did. Sometimes he wrote a line or two of what pictures he took. He ended up using 2 disposable cameras. When we finally returned home and cameras were developed, he made a great scrapbook. Not only was it the perfect report to turn in to his teacher but it is now one of our family favorite scrapbooks. It was visiting Disney from an 8 year old perspective.


Sorry…just realized it was her science teacher…and of course, they are much cooler~


What a great story! Your child is very fortunate to have such a teacher. I’ll bet your DD has the most memorable trip of all thanks to the teacher’s creativity.


Wow! That is a great assignment!! I hope when my DD and DS are in “real” school that their teachers will understand the NEED to go to Disney!! Have a great trip and get that teacher a cute souvenir from Disney! Have a great trip!!


Now that we solved the homework/missing school mess; would you believe last night a friends dog attacked my daughter which resulted in 5 hours in ER and 4 stitches on her face? She’s OK but very very tramatized and in pain. She’s in bed now resting and yes, had to miss school today.


Oh, poor thing!! Hopefully a little Disney magic will make all the pain go away!!


Oh, that’s terrible. Hope she recovers quickly, both physically and emotionally.