Mission Space Death


Well it looks like a 49 year old women died on Mission Space, here is the link


If this was already posted I am sorry


The sound is broken on my computer :frown: , can you please tell me why the child died? We going in a few weeks and my kids both have asthma and I’m not too healthy either and I think we should probably steer clear of this ride. I know the kids will have a fit but I’ve heard so many people say that they got sick on the ride, but DEATH?!


I can’t get video or audio here at work but it said this in the article

The $100 million ride, one of Disney World’s most popular, was also closed in June after the death of a 4-year-old boy who passed out while aboard.

An autopsy concluded he died of a heart condition that a medical examiner said can cause sudden death in stressful situations.


There’s already a whole thread about this in the WDW Theme Parks forum.