Mission space in florida's news papers


well i don’t know about u all but wow they just recenlty had the stuff that happened recently in the news and in the paper.

Honestly i wonder if disney has gotten suied over it.

Maybe they should close down the ride honestly if their having that much bad stuff over it.

Not sure what is everyones thoughts on this u think they should close down the ride


Check this thread out. Everyone voiced their opinion pretty good. LOL!



ok thank you very much will do


ok saw that thread forgot about it but they had something about it again in this past sundays newspapers


I just don’t understand with all the warnings why people don’t listen to them


I wanted to go on Mission Space until I got there the day it opened and read the warnings as of this date I have not been on it. It’s too bad the lady died, but with all the warnings, I wonder why she didn’t heed the warnings. :crying:


I just wanna say its not a ride for everyone, I went on the ride just as curiosity and came out seeing double. I wouldnt shut it down, people just need to read the signs and heed to the warnings.


After hearing all the news about Mission Space, I asked my DH what he thought since he and my DS went on last Christmas. He said there were warning signs every few feet and that the ride wasn’t bad at all, he also said right after the ride they sprinted across the park to meet us. I asked him about the fact that it was a spinning ride and he said that since you had a control panel right in front of you, he didn’t even notice that he was spinning. I am leary about the ride now though but he assures me it is okay.


yeah seriously. I went on the ride overall like 5 times. Everytime, warnings were BLASTING in my face and i knew what to expect. If you’re not sure if you want to ride it or not, then DON’T!! It’s not that hard!


I think the biggest problem is that people may have medical conditions thay don’t know about. If someone doesn’t know they have a problem then they ignore the warnings and go on the ride.