Mission space question


My husband and I went to WDW 2 years ago and only went on the less intense version of Mission Space. We are heading back in August :smile: and want to go on the orange version of the ride. I would like to know how different the two versions are and how intense the orange one is.


IT’s pretty intense…many people can’t do it. That being said, if you don’t get motion sickness and are already familiar with the ride, you should be ok. My best advice is for you to get a fast pass for the attraction and do it right before you are going to leave the park for the day or for an afternoon break. That way if it makes you uneasy, you are leaving the park anyway.


wow, you’re brave, lol. you know what, PM soundgod, he knows everything - like the yoda of mousebuzz when it comes to the WDW rides :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: .


I will only ride the Orange after riding both. The feel of the G forces are just way too much fun for me.


Mission space on the more intense team, is INTENSE!
For most of the ride you feel like someone’s sitting on your chest.
I (17) enjoyed it a lot, I love that ride.
I’ve never been on the less intense version, but I would expect it to be completely different.
My dad said, and I quote “When they annouced that we were going to back Earth, I was like that’s it I’m going to die on this ride.”
So, be brave!!


The only time I didn’t feel great after riding was the time I rode shortly after eating at Garden Grill. I wonder if this is part of the reason I don’t care much for Garden Grill?
Actually, the intense side has been tamed 4 times since the ride opened.
The current version is the least intense experience offered on the spinning side.
But I’m also a coaster rider and ride pretty much any tracked ride.
the difference between the two is that the green side doesn’t spin, so it’s really just a simulator similar in nature to Star Tours. The orange side spins to simulate the high gees of launch and landing as well as a pretty good simulation of being weightless.