Mission Space


Can anyone describe the Mission Space ride? I have heard it can be very intense.


We have never done the orange version, which is the “wild” version, but we have done the green one. It is very much like Star Tours or one of those kind of rides. I would start with that one and see what you think.
We refuse to try the orange version-because my DH and myself are prone to vertigo. Neither of us are interested in going down that road.


Here is a video.:smile: I Love it. It does a really good job of simulating the G loads.

Mission: SPACE - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Basically the ride is like a big centrifuge. The area you actually sit in is very cramped. There is a sceen in front of you that makes you feel as if you are actually taking off into space. It is a great simulation, but if you are prone to motion sickness it is best to avoid. This is the only ride at dw I can think of with a barf bag. I do like the ride and it is my brothers favorite!


Thanks everyone! I cant wait for this November


I road the intense version and will never do so again. However, I think it is worth the try unless you are someone who gets sick easily.


I will describe!

This is the hardcore version:

You wait in a long line and read warnings on who should not ride this ride.
You watch a video and hear warnings.
You freak out because of the warnings and wonder if you should make a last-minute dash to the exit.
You board the “rocket” and the front wall comes down on you, squeezing you into a wee little space with your fellow travelers.
You spot the barf bag in front of you and begin to get a little worried.
You launch… the air becomes tight around your throat and for a moment, you feel as if you might not be able to breathe.
You hear a bunch of commands being yelled at and you decide not to obey and see if you can still accomplish your mission.
You wonder what would happen if you looked around or closed your eyes like they tell you not to…
The rocket “lands” and your mission is accomplished, although you deliberately disobeyed their commands.
You stand up, to find yourself dizzy.
You walk out of the attraction like a drunk person.
And then you do it again.

hahaha… yep, that’s pretty much it!


Great ride. You have to bear down in you seat… if you go on the high intensity level. Otherwise I have known lots of people that have gotten sick on it.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :ohmy: I’ve never been on this ride (chicken, ya know) This did not help :laugh: :laugh: :blush:


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thanks for the laugh!!

(We chickened out on the orange version and did the green one. You sure aren’t the ultimate spokesperson for the orange ride, are you?? :laugh: )


Best thrill ride at WDW! ORANGE all the way!


I couldn’t get my DW to ride it before and now I have a chance as she’s not a fan of close places. My DGD is looking forward to it and she’s 9


LMM… that is exactly how I would describe it. I rode it once… not again!


There is plenty of cool air blowing on your face so the air isn’t stagnant. It really isn’t so enclosed, well it is, but you quickly adjust. You sit and pull the restraint over your shoulders. A CM looks in to make sure all is OK. If it is, they fold the front wall of the cabin towards you. After a final check from the CM, the door is then closed. Right up to this moment, you can still ask to get off. There is about a minute delay and then the ride video starts and then the ride itself begins. On the orange side, you can really feel the g forces build up when you “launch”. The green side just doesn’t spin you anymore so it’s a pure simulator ride like Star Tours/Body Wars. The bit about each of you having “an assigned role” is magic/roleplay that you don’t have on othr rides anywhere. Sure, it’s all computer controlled, just in case you don’t “launch” with a full crew or someone doesn’t want to play along and push their buttons on time.


If you’re at all claustrophobic, you probably should reconsider riding, since the capsule/box you sit in is very cramped. The first time I rode it in 2005, I stared at the screen and pushed the buttons when instructed. Afterward, I felt a little dizzy. My kids loved it, however. We rode it again (intense version) this summer (2007) and I had no problem at all. I picked a spot on the control panel and stared at it most of the time, although I did still push the buttons when told to and glanced at the screen. Again, my kids loved the ride. Then we went to the Coral Reef for lunch. Mmmm!


I’d ride it again too. Orange all the way!


We have been on the original many times - is the green the same attraction just down played? Did they change the original ride to come up with the Orange?

If we love the original-is it worth trying the green - or will we be disapointed.
With my two sons, one loves everything and has been going on these rides since 4 years old. The younger son (5) is a bit more reserved, were hoping to “break” that with this trip!!


So…you’re not planning to be an astronaut when you grow up…

great description!!! it makes we wish I could ride it right now and I’m serious!!!


Is that why you rode the green side in June!:rolleyes:


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: