Missy H's 3 Weeks Christmas Trip on the Dining Plan at WDW


Its finally here, our trip report.

Me - Kerry, 32
DH - Rob, 40 :tongue:
DD1 - Jessika, 13
DD2 - Emalie, 9

We would be staying at PC in two rooms for 16 days to take advantage of the value rates over the holiday period and then transferring to AKL in one room for 5 days, again at value rates. We were using the dining plan for all 21 days. We had the UK 21 day Ultimate ticket as this was only $16 more than a 14 day ticket but we had to get separate tickets (5 day with fun option this time) for our stay at AKL as we wanted to use the DDP. As we are going again in Dec 2006 we planning on using them then.

Day 1 16th Dec

Got up at 5.30, showered DH loaded car and drove us to Glasgow airport arrived at 7:40. Checked in for flight to Tampa via London Gatwick (LGW).
Left Glasgow at 9:05 arrived LGW at 10:30. We arrived at the wrong gate at LGW at the international side, DH said “Wouldn’t it be funny if that 777 next to us is our plane to Tampa”. After a long trip via the departure checkpoint we soon at our gate for our flight. It was the gate next to the one re arrived on, well at least we should have our luggage!.

We left LGW at 12.45 and arrived Tampa at 17:40 local time after uneventful 9 1/2 hour flight.:wacko: It took only 1 hour from landing to leaving in our hire car which we had to pick up just offsite. It was very smooth through immigration and customs, better than MCO, as only one international flight to deal with compared to at least 3 at MCO.

Picked up car and drove up the I4 to WDW.:mickey: We arrived at PC at 8:00 pm. Checked in, we were in the 80’s building on 4th floor with a view overlooking the parking lot. Made a quick trip to the food court for mugs and a drink before heading off to check out our rooms. We then unloaded car and sent DH for a pizza. By now it was 9:00pm and we were absolutely shattered and the bed was calling.:sleep::sleep:


YEA!!! This is gonna be good.

Pictures…Pictures…Pictures…Pictures…Pictures…Pictures…Pictures…Pictures… :smile:


We took nearly 1500 pictures. DH has sort them out and upload them first. :eek:


I am in complete awe over how long this trip report is going to be. Bring on more! :happy:

Oh, and could you explain a little more about the tickets? I take it the UK 21 day thing included the Dining Plan?


The 21 day and 14 day Ultimate tickets are only available to us here in the UK. It includes all the extras like park hopping, water parks and Disney Quest, they expire 21 days after first use. I think it because we over here generally go for longer vaccations as a rule and not so often.

We had to add the dining plan as extra.


1500 pictures sweet!!! Can’t wait. :smile:


I agree this is going to be good! Great start :happy:


I can’t wait to hear more of this! :c)



More trip report please…I’m dying to hear about this trip. :heart: and see those pictures. :heart:


Wow, that was a long flight. I can’t wait to hear about your trip! It would be so great to be able to stay for that long.


Three weeks, WOW! This will be one big TR! Looking forward to reading more.


Yay! I have been so excited to read about your trip. Ahh, 3 weeks on the dining plan–you must have tried all kinds of great places! Lots and lots of details and pictures please! :mickey:


I can’t wait to hear about the best part-meeting me!!!(LOL)


Day 2 17th

Chilly all day
Woke up at 5:30am as per usual for the first day. Had cold pizza for breakfast and off to AK (emh) for the Safari, first stopping at Guest Relations for Eldest DD birthday button. EE looks good. The safari was the best we have ever been on. It was a cool day that had a few showers, all the animals were awake and moving around.

We had an ADR for Chef Mickey’s at 11:00 so decided to head on over to MK for a quick ride beforehand. Went via TTC so could catch ferry to MK as we usually do or our first visit to MK. went to go for birthday pin and decided to pick up MVMCP tickets. At this point they couldn’t find our reservations. The number that we had was not the right number, after about 20 minutes and some Disney magic tickets were printed and we were on our way! By this time it was 10.20 so we decided to take a trip around the loop on the monorail then to CM!

We arrived and checked in about 10 minutes early, seated on time. We had a great server, Ingrid. As we were cellabrating Jess’s birthday she got a birthday place mat and a cup cake, instead of everyone singing happy birthday to our moody new teen they shouted happy birthday to her! Ingrid also gave emalie a place mat a cup cake so she didn’t feel left out. The characters were great, we saw Mickey, Minne, chip, dale goofy and Pluto! We left Chef Mickey’s and decided we would try and get all 4 birthday buttons from all 4 parks. So back to the car and we are off to EPCOT.

We arrived at EPCOT, got the birthday button, (IMHO EPCOTs button is the best!) we also got our tickets for the candlelight on Monday! We were going to go on SE but the line was long so we decided to get fastpasses for soarin’! DH and Jess went to the land, Em and me went to Ice station cool! No we didn’t try Beverley but DH did when he got back! While in Cool station Ems started talking to a lovely CM called Elena, she was asking where we were from and what it was like in Scotland. She then asked if we had been on Soarin’ yet, I said no but DH had gone to get FP’s. She said I can do better than that and gave us 4 FP’s to use then for soarin’! :mickey: :mickey: We thanked her loads and went to find DH and Jess. They had got the FP’s for 7.30pm. We walked back to the land and onto soarin’. It was great, the smells the views wonderful! We were in the second row and loved every minute. After that we went back to ISC to thank Elena for a lovely treat. She was glad that we enjoyed it that she gave us another fastpass for Test track. This is Disney magic at its best! :mickey: After test track we decided to go and hit MGM. We decided to get couple of bottles of water from a cart near the pin station and the very nice CM gave Jess a Mickey bar for her birthday!

Arrived at MGM they had no buttons with MGM on but we got another MK button.

We caught the end of the street performers, going have to catch the whole performance at least some time this trip as we really like these guys. Rode GMR had the gangster again. Watched the Muppets. Grabbed some food at backlot express before deciding to goto DTD. Got in the car and drove to DTD but couldn’t find anywhere close to the Marketplace to park so gave up and headed back to PC. We made a mental note tht if we wanted to goto DTD in the evening that we wouldn’t take the car but the bus instead.

Arrived at PC and I sent DH to get some hot chocolate and milk for the girls in the morning. We used one of the sinks full of ice as a sort of fridge. Worked wonderfully.


What a great start, Missy! Disney magic working at it’s best for you, I see :c) How cool that you guys got those FPs for Soarin’ and TT!!!



I know what you mean about Disney magic,because on my birthday visit to Epcot,the CM who collected the Fast Passes noticed my birthday button and gave my mother and I back our Fastpasses so we could go right again!!!


Here is a picture of the Lion that was the best view we have ever had of him.


Yea!!! Pictures…go on…:smile:


Jess (just turned 13) having her birthday Cup cake at CM!


We were so happy to be in AK on our first day! :wub: