Missy131 Christmas trip


Well let see where to start Alligent Air is wonderful. Had a great flight, wish they landed in orlando, but Sanford didn’t seem that long a ride. First night we headed to Hoop DeDo. Our 6th trip to the world first ime we done this. It was really fun. Only down side was all the transports you have to take to get from Pop Century to event. That night we left there and went right to Magic Kingdom for the extra hours. Walked on most of the rides. Only a few crazys stay up till 2am riding, atleast that night. Well at work have to go, write more later with pictures.


sounds like a fun start! What dates were you there?


Oh… a new TR… looking forward to more.


Ah, yet another TR. Life is good when there are TRs to read. :happy:


Another Tr…yeah!!!


Can’t wait to hear more!


Ok here are the first pictures. Flicker only gives you a certain amount per month so this will take a while since I have 541 pictures. But it is the report that will keep giving you a taste.

Flickr: Photos from disney13168


Missy, great pictures. Can’t wait to hear all the details.


Love the photographs- looking forward to the rest of the TR.


Wow. Disneyland stays open 'til midnight, and only a few occassions have I spent my time past pumpkin time. :closedeye

2 a.m.? :pinch:

Can’t wait to hear about more of your trip! :happy:


Not as young as you once were, eh?


I love you pics. DD is so cute. I can’t wait for the rest.