Missymouse's 2010 Trip Highlights


Hi all! We are back from a great vacation, but I didn’t take notes, and I didn’t take a lot of pictures, so I’m just going to share the highlights.

DD11, aka steamboat lily :mickey:

Day 1, Saturday August 14
DH and I woke up about 3:30 and we had everyone out the door and ready go by 4:30. We drive down since it’s only an 8 hour drive for us. The ride down seemed quicker than usual and we all had a good time together, singing songs, watching movies and just being together. We arrived in Orlando around 12:30 and decided to grab some lunch at a Chick fil A and I needed to grab a couple of things I forgot (sticky notes for my little one to cover the sensors on the automatic toilets–a trick I learned right here on MB :happy:), so we also stopped by Walmart. We were at POR and checked in by 2:00. We got all of our stuff in the room and unpacked and hit Ol’ Man Island for a bit. After a quick swim, we cleaned up and took the boat to DTD for dinner at Wolfgang Puck Express and a spin through our favorite stores-World of Disney, Tren-D and Team Mickey. We were pooped from our early morning and not one of us had napped in the car, so we hit the hay early so we could be at HS for rope drop the next morning. We wanted to take a spin on TSMM before it closed for refurb on Monday.


Great start! I can’t wait to read more!


Day 2 had us hitting HS first thing. We were up and out the door about 7:30 and in line by 8:00. We positioned ourselves at rope drop to get to TSM first. We decided to bypass the FPs and go straight through the standby line. We had about a 5 minute wait, and we were so thankful to get to take a spin through one of our favorites before it closed for refurb. We went ahead and grabbed FPs for RnR and hit ToT. We had very short lines for everything. We were able to get all of the big things done fast and with very little wait. We couldn’t believe it because the parks were pretty crowded but it seemed that no one was in line!

We took a boat to the Boardwalk and had lunch at Big River (one of DH’s favorites). From there we hopped to MK for EMH. DD6 was finally tall enough to ride the 44" rides, and she was excited to ride SM. I was a little worried about her the whole time we were riding, wondering if she would like it. When we hopped off the ride, I asked her what she thought and she replied, “Who’s up for round 2?!” :laugh: We jumped on all of our MK favorites that night: Splash, BTMRR, Pooh, Philharmagic, Pirates, HM, the Carousel… it was a great night! We hit the bed tired but ready for another early morning the next day. :happy:

  1. An empty HS
  2. Mickey head balloon shadow
    3 & 4. My little bookworms at the Writer’s Stop
  3. My little Bonnie waiting to enter HS


I’m enjoying your TR so far.


I am enjoying this TR, too!


Thank you both! :happy: babets, I love your avatar!:happy:


Loving the TR so far! Also reading Lily’s TR! Keep it coming!!

The car ride down sounds like great family time!!


[QUOTE=Goodegirl2007;1046089]Loving the TR so far! Also reading Lily’s TR! Keep it coming!!

The car ride down sounds like great family time!![/QUOTE]
Thanks! Lily is having a good time reporting. I need to get her pictures on the computer. My kids go back to school on Wednesday, so we had meet your teacher day today, and my youngest DD’s best friend is here now. You would have thought that those two little girls hadn’t seen each other in a year! :laugh:

And, yes, the car ride was wonderful! :wub:


I just wrote a big bunch of stuff for day 3, and it wouldn’t let me post it. I’ve had trouble all day with posting in this thread. I’m less than happy about it.:angry:

Edit: This is missymouse’s post too, and it’s posting as lily. I’m logged in. WEIRD!


Let’s see if I can tell you about Day 3 now.

We had an ADR at Akershus at 10:30. We got to Epcot early and made the mad dash to Soarin’ and got into the standby line. We waited less than 10 minutes, and after our flight, we grabbed FPs for after breakfast. The line for TT was too long to wait in and make our ADR on time, so we rode MS (DD6’s first time-she loved it). We had just enough time to make it to Norway and check in when we came out of MS. Once inside Akershus, we met Belle. Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Ariel came by our table. This is a longtime favorite meal for our family. We’ve always enjoyed the food, and it was good this time, but not as good as it usually is. We were a little disappointed. Overall, though, it was a great meal, and we all had a great time! :happy:

  1. Waiting for Epcot opening
  2. Meeting Belle
  3. Meeting Cinderella
  4. Meeting Aurora

  1. Meeting Snow White
  2. Meeting Ariel
  3. Jay being a wonderful big brother :wub:


After our breakfast, we grabbed FPs for TT and used our FPs for Soarin’. We took in a little bit of World Showcase. AK had EMH that night, and we wanted to change our clothes before heading over that way, so we left for the room. Once we were changed we hopped a bus to AK. I decided to go without any baggage so I don’t have any pictures from that night, but we were able to ride favorites without having to worry about holding onto stuff. It was great! We rode EE twice (another first for DD6, and she LOVED it!), Primeval Whirl, Triceratop Spin and Kali. Once we were thoroughly soaked on Kali, we left for our room. We got cleaned up and went to the food court and had some pizza. It had been a long day, so we were ready for bed. We all passed out and overslept the next morning. :blush: :laugh:


keep it coming! Loving it!


As I said before, we overslept on Day 4, so we were a little late getting out the door. It was okay though, because we were going back to AK to take in the things we missed the night before. We had a bit of breakfast in the food court and then took a bus to AK. We grabbed FPs for EE on our way to Dinoland. I HATE Dinosaur, but I rode it with my family because they all enjoy it. I ended up in front of my family and on the right hand side, which made it scarier, and, honestly, I just looked down and thought about how much fun DH and I had had a month earlier when we saw Michael Buble in concert. :laugh: I tried to not think about where I was, but at the end when you think you’re not going to make it back, and the big T Rex is chasing you, I thought, "Oh my gosh, I’m not going to make it!:blush::laugh: I know I’m a total dork, but Disney just makes it all too real. :laugh:

DD6 had never celebrated her birthday at WDW, and even though her birthday is in November, we let her get a birthday button. It was pinned to her backpack, but when we came off of Dinosaur, it got caught and fell off. It was lost, and she was crushed. DH didn’t get to ride PW the night before, and DD6 is too short for it, so DH and the big kids rode PW while DD6 and I hoofed it back to Guest Services for another button. She absolutely could NOT wait until the end of the day. :glare::blink::wacko:By the time we got the new button, DH and the kids were done with PW, and we all met up for a spin on EE using our FPs. I ended up sitting with a stranger, and the poor guy had never been on a rollercoaster before. By the time we were done, he was literally trembling, and he was a BIG guy! I felt so sorry for him.

We grabbed a single order of Yak and Yeti’s Honey Chicken and shared it for a little lunch/snack to tide us over until supper. We saw Festival of the Lion King, went through the Jungle Trek, and rode Kali AGAIN! Once we were wet, we went back to the resort for swimming, laundry and supper at Boatwrights, which was fine, but not a place I’m dying to return to. We hit the hay after getting cleaned up ready for another full day the next day! :happy:


Glad you’re enjoying it. I feel like I’m just zipping right through this TR. :laugh:


So much fun!!! I really do love the double point of view from you and Lily.


You’re kids are so cute! I love the braids! And I’m loving the empty parks - hope they stay that way!


I am enjoying your trip report… Your kids are adorable.