Missy's July Plans! (Dining)


We have Made our ADR’s (they are still PS’s to me!) Let me know what you think. Just remember this is an adult only trip! No kids well only big kids! :biggrin:

Friday July 14th Dinner at O’hana’s @8pm

Saturday 15th Dinner at Raglan Road @ 8.30pm (then we are hitting pleasure island for the 1st time!)

Sunday 16th Dinner at Kona Cafe @ 8.15pm Unsure about this one, any Idea’s or comments would be great!

Monday 17th Dinner at California Grill @ 9pm just intime to see the fireworks.

Tuesday 18th Dinner at Coral Reef @ 8.00pm

Wednesday 19th Dinner at Spoodles @ 8.00pm

Thursday 20th Dinner at Le Cellier @ 8.30pm

Friday 21st Breakfast at Boma @ 10.00am then we have to go home :sad:

Yes we are doing the dining plan again, it was so good the first time. We are paying for Boma and o’hana’s. Kona cafe is the only real one that I am not sure about and help would be grateful.


Missy -
The plans look great. I have no input on Kona for dinner, but can vouch for their breakfast. I haven’t ever heard anything bad about them, so I think you will be ok.


The plans sound great,Missy!!


Missy, we have done Kona for breakfast & dinner, and we just love it. It is on our must do list. And the desserts at dinner are awesome.


Super plans, Missy!!! :c)

Now, I have to go look at the menu for the Kona!


That’s my kind of info! if the desserts are awesome I am there! :angel:


All sounds great to me Missy! I have no expereince with Kona for dinner but I agree with Dana in that Breakfast was superb there.

You are going to have an amazing time…I just wonder how many times you will be checking to see where your kids are! :laugh:


The girls will be in Spain with their grandparents! :biggrin:


Excellent choices!
I honestly think I would have picked most of the same places if I was going w/o kids.